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The minimalist movement joins the ranks of interior design mainstays, and with the limited floor space in London, there is no surprise why. No other style can make form and function work within a flat the size of four parking spaces. So, if you are looking for a place near Kensington, Chelsea, or anything similar, minimalism is the way to go!

Minimalist Aesthetic vs Minimalist Lifestyle

Before you transform your flat, be realistic with your goals. Minimalism can interior design choice – think neutral colours, simple furniture, and clear space. Or a lifestyle – capsule wardrobes, sustainable pieces, and conscious shopping habits. Both may get the same look at the end of the day, but they present unique challenges. 

If you are going for the aesthetic, it means you get to keep all your odds and ends. Minimalism is all about how you curate your space. Storage will be a key element. However, if you are going for the complete minimalist lifestyle — white walls and empty shelves will not cut it. You need to develop a system to ensure that you are practising the values at all times. 

You are discouraged from making frequent purchases, especially for things you don’t need. Instead, you are supposed to bring focus to what you have and shop from your stash. To be able to do that effectively, you need to make sure everything has its place. 

Whether you are going for the aesthetic or the lifestyle, a small flat can present a challenge. You don’t have much to work with, and it can easily feel cramped and cluttered. When you live in London, you need to turn to creative solutions like finding additional storage to make it happen.

How Do You Create A Minimalist Space With Self Storage Facilities In Greater London?

Self storage facilities in Greater London allow you to work around the small residential properties in the market. You should be able to keep all of your belongings (necessary or not) without them taking up precious space. Here are some of the ways your storage unit can help you achieve this: 

Get Extra Room Without Expensive Rates

London is known for its expensive property prices. Many settle for flatmates to save on rent. How can you get the space you need, if it is so costly? This issue with space is where a self storage unit comes in handy. Instead of paying exorbitant rates for a couple of extra meters, you can rent a unit that can be dedicated to storage.  

When you think about it, a larger flat does not necessarily mean you have more space. It might just expand the size of your bathroom or kitchen, and while they are great features, they don’t necessarily help you with creating a functional and minimalist space. Instead, getting a room dedicated to storage allows you to clear your flat of any unnecessary clutter. So you can work with as much space as you need. 

Be Able To Keep A Curated List Of Items On Hand

The benefit of having that separate storage space is that you can curate your belongings and avoid being distracted. Instead of having multiple pieces take up space, you can narrow it down to the 2-3 you frequently use.

Having a small rotation of items you use daily is an integral part of minimalism. You get to appreciate what you have. You become more aware of what you need from what you don’t need, and make more conscious decisions in the process.

Have A Designated Space Not Frequently Used Items

Just because you don’t use specific items as frequently doesn’t mean they aren’t an important part of your life. You may have heard of rules like decluttering any item you haven’t used in the past 3 months or something similar. However, minimalism is never about “taking away” the essentials. If anything, the lifestyle should only draw more focus to it, and proper storage achieves just that.

Unfortunately, most London flats are short on closet and cabinet space. You are forced to choose between hobbies and interests to make living in the city work. But this is where your unit comes in. They can act as an extension of your home and fill the gap in your storage needs. In fact, 27% of users got their unit because they didn’t have the space for these items at home. 

Fancy china, sports equipment, hobby gear, seasonal clothes, family heirlooms – these items are considered non-essentials. They aren’t part of your regular rotation, but how many can say they aren’t needed? A storage unit allows you to keep everything on hand until you are ready to let go. 

Organise Your Space With Room To Breathe

After you pair down and sort your items, you can start making the space your own. You could add a fresh coat of paint. Organise accent pieces on your shelf or mantel. Or change the flow of the furniture. It is all up to you! If you get tired of the items you have on hand, you can always replace pieces with what you have in storage later on. 

Ultimately, a self storage unit can help you circumvent the limitations of the London housing market. Minimalism is not reserved for those who can afford spacious houses or palatial mansions. Even in a shoe-box of a home, a self storage unit can help you clear your space and get you started on your minimalist journey. 

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