8 Ways to Make Your Home Office a Pleasure (And Not a Prison)

Working at home can be a dream job. But after hours of plugging away at your laptop in the empty spare room every day, you might start to feel a little trapped inside its four walls. Uninspired home office interior design can turn a dream into drudgery—while a beautifully designed room can transform what feels like a prison into a pleasure. These 8 tips for a better-looking office will have you excited to get back to the hustle even on Monday mornings.

Pick a theme

Choose a home office interior design theme that suits your personality—and inspires you. Pick from modern, antique, warm and cozy, minimalist, feminine she-cave, bright, and more. Use this theme to guide your color scheme and home office decor choices.

Choose inviting colors

Once you have your office theme, pick a color scheme to match and consider painting the walls. Stay away from cream or beige walls—those colors are prone to make you snooze at your desk. The exception would be if you plan on including plenty of color in big wall hangings and decor. Otherwise, choose colors that will invite and enlighten—you may want something bright and cheery, like bright yellows or greens, or maybe you will feel more comfortable with a calming teal or lavender.

colors for home office

Hang inspiring art

Decorate your home office with images that speak to you. Splurge on a huge modern piece that inspires creativity, get a print of your favorite work of the masters or frame a photo of your favorite landscape. If family and pet photos or your kids’ art creations will motivate you or bring a smile, make a place for them. If you’re crafty, DIY and display a few works of your own. Vibrant and interesting work will keep you motivated and invite you back into the office day after day.

Get a statement desk

A desk is a focal point in a home office design, so make it count. You’ll want a desk that’s a dream to sit at, both functionally and aesthetically. Depending on your style, check the consignment and antique stores for ornate vintage writing desks, or choose a minimalist white table and place only the essentials on the work surface.

Sit pretty

Invest in a great chair—you’ll spend hours there every day, so pick something that is comfortable, beautiful, and ergonomic. Also add a couch, armchair, bean-bag chair, or other seating to give yourself an occasional change of scenery or offer a place for visitors to sit.

Install a sliding barn door

A sliding barn door is a great focal piece that not only adds style to your home office decor but also can help if your office isn’t located in its own room. Sliding barn door designs can hide the clutter and bustle of the main house, offering you privacy and seclusion.

slider barn door

Collect accessories

Once you’ve got the basics—furniture, wall color, etc.—it’s time to make the office truly yours with some fun accessories. Add a rug to bring in more color, get a decorative trash can, search for a vintage clock, and fill a bookshelf with titles relevant to your trade. Display knick-knacks from your favorite vacations. And always be on the lookout for new accessories to add in.

Bring in the light

Great lighting will make your office space feel open and fresh. Keep the window curtains and blinds open, and face your desk and chair toward it if possible. Place lamps around the room, including on your desk. And fill the room with green plants to soak in the natural light and bring a bit of nature inside.

A home office doesn’t have to feel like a prison. Follow these home office design tips, and you’ll have to force yourself to keep out when you’re off the clock.

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