8 Silent Signs of a Major Plumbing Problem

If you are someone that has no handle on the ins-and-outs of plumbing, it can be a bit wee tricky to tell if your plumbing needs work because it is a complex system that remains out of sight. But, though that is the case, we do not want to keep you in the dark by not giving you some of the telltale, though often subtle, clues that your plumbing will tell you it needs a little tender loving attention. So, keep reading to gather insights on what are the silent signs that can turn your plumbing into a nightmare.

1. Sluggish Drains

When you notice ALL your drains seem to drain like forever, this is a clear sign of a clog. While your favourite hardware shop or grocery store may have loads of products designed to help loosen or eject a simple clog, the safest and easiest way to go is to hire a professional. It is to make sure that the clog is not caused by something more critical that could cause significant damage down the sewer line – likely the case when all the drains are experiencing sluggish flow.

2. Sewer Odor

As a rule of thumb, all drains need a trap, and all traps need a vent. Drains and traps keep the sewer gas away from your home. The vent in your home should direct sewer odour up to the roof, while drain traps serve as a barrier to block sewer odours from coming through the sink drain. If you notice a stench of rotten egg in your house, that means either a trap has run dry or, a vent line has cracked, and the odour is seeping through it. While pouring a dry plumbing trap with water can fix it, you may need to consider looking into signs of a leak. Tracking down a cracked sewer vent can be difficult, as they are often hidden behind walls, and will require a bit of skill and tools to find.

3. Skyrocketing water bill

Did you ever notice a sudden jump in your water bill but did not spot any signs of leaks anywhere? The first thing to do is to check your water meter. If both the leak indicator and the sweep hand is spinning like everything has gone haywire, then you are definitely in bad luck. Even if you shut off the main water line to stop the meter from turning like crazy, this is not going to stop the leak that is currently going on in your water line. The common culprit of a sudden jump is a running toilet, worse, a leak somewhere down the line, if this the matter, get a plumber to whip out their trusty tools and fix the problem right away. A leak that is left untreated can, without doubt, turn into a big leak and overtime make your pipe collapse.

4. The green patch in the yard

One common telltale of sewer-related trouble is a much greener section of your yard than the areas around it; this is specifically true if the patch lies between the main road and your house, which is the most common trail for a city sewer line. Over time, these leaking sewer drains which make this green patch appear in your yard can also create hollow areas in the yard in addition to the patch. This trouble to the exterior part of the plumbing should be nipped in the bud, either caused by deteriorating materials or invasive tree roots.

5. Ponding water

When it rains, it pours, and when this comes about, it is usual to see ponding water around your house. But if you notice water in your yard, driveway, basement, or where your sewer pipe runs even if no rain storms have visited your place lately, be concerned. Ponding water is another sign that a sewer leak is present in your plumbing. It is not only gross but also unhealthy. When it is left to go on, the water can become a hotbed of swarm insect-carrying diseases and can create a sinkhole in your yard.

6. Odd rattling sounds

Did you hear rattling sounds that strangely just happened out of nowhere? The bad news is, the noisy or rattling pipes is a manifestation of a leak, especially when the pipes are making noise though no one is using the plumbing. Often, loose-fitting somewhere in the line, a high water pressure, or a blocked vent pipe in your plumbing causes this noise. It is common for the piping to let out a clunk, at times, but if your piping strangely shakes or rolls all day long, you have a problem at hand. While there are easy ways to fix rattling sounds, it can be a tough deal for property owners to diagnose the real culprit of this noise.

7. Strange water colour

Do you notice a weird colour in your water just out of the blue? Depending on the variation of the colour you see, this will tell you the oxidation level of rust, sediment, or minerals present in the water. Yellow, red, or orange colour in the water is an indication of rust. If the colour of the water only appears when you are using cold water, there is a big chance that the rust came from either the city’s water main or the pipes in your home plumbing. Cities usually do a regular annual flush of the mains water to remove debris, so the problem should go away on its own. However, if the colour persists for a long time and your neighbour is not experiencing the same, it is time for you to call the plumber to spew out that ugly-looking colour in your water and inspect for pipe corrosion.

8. Discoloured pipes

The next time you get a chance to visit your basement or to poke around under the kitchen sink, take a good long look at your drain pipe to check for any signs of discolouration, especially around the joint. If you spot any, it is a strong indication there is moisture. The presence of moisture around the joints may be caused by either loose joints, dripping from a sink, or something more serious, such as a sluggish leak in the water supply line. If it is the latter, then you should put this at the top of your priority list. Pressure makes plumbing lines work, which means that a sluggish leak has the potential to turn into a costly and big mess fast!

As you read through each of these silent signs of a plumbing problem, you would notice that all of these boils down to the real condition of your drains or sewer pipes. These are just the tip of the iceberg. If your pipeline is in the best shape, there is no way you would experience these silent troubles that are a result of a more significant matter of pipe clogs, corrosion, or leaks.

If any of the troubles on the list is occurring in your plumbing, then it only means it is up for repair. And the best way to go is to contact the Pipe Relining Services Sydney specialist. Complex problems with plumbing, such as drains or sewer-related trouble is a hard nut to crack that no traditional plumbers can do.

Why hire Pipe Relining Sydney experts over regular plumbers?

  1. They provide an accurate diagnosis and solution to the issue at hand
  2. They have specialized tools at their disposal for every pipe problem
  3. Compared to hack-job contractors and traditional plumbers, Sydney relining solutions experts are more equipped with the latest plumbing tools and technology
  4. They guarantee quality result with every plumbing trouble
  5. They can resolve complex pipe problems in less amount of time using the Pipe Relining approach
  6. They provide an honest quote before moving forward with any job

Advantage of opting for Pipe Relining Services Sydney

  1. It restores your pipe to full-functionality
  2. It prevents your pipeline from further damage
  3. It makes your piping more durable and long-lasting compared to the original pipe
  4. No breaking the bank to afford it
  5. The extra cost for renovation works avoided
  6. Uses newer technologies to avoid ripping up your property
  7. No noisy repair and business disruption

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