6 Outdoor Games that adults Can Play in the Home Garden

We played outside with the other kids in the neighbourhood for most of our free time as a kid. We also created maximum intervals at school. So we kept ourselves quite busy without this new technology. Some can get done yourself or with simply one playmate, and some can get played indoors. But most of them are best when we play it outside with many people.

Hide and Seek

In our childhood, we all played this at least once in our life. This game has all kinds of variations. Sometimes you count one hundred, sometimes it’s ten, sometimes it’s twenty. Sometimes you just run to and tag, becoming “safe,” sometimes you wait to get found. The general idea is that one person is “it,” that person shuts their eyes and counts to a particular number without peeking, and then they try to find the others. You can play this with three people.

Double Dutch And Jump Rope

At a young age, some of us played with our jumping ropes. And at that age, we were pretty good at this and in skills and speed. One more exciting thing about this game is that it is even more fun to play with a couple of extra friends and a long rope. It can get played inside or outside. Adults can also play this kid’s dish game. In addition, adults can easily play double Dutch.

Ping Pong

It is table tennis. A flat table gets divided into two equal courts by a net fixed in the middle. There is some best outdoor ping pong table review available on the internet.

Musical Chair

In this game, you have to arrange some chairs facing outward to total one fewer than the number of players. An extra player is needed who will play the music. And everybody will go round and round. And when the music stops, they should be sitting at their nearest seat in a proper direction, and those who can’t sit down in the chair will be eliminated. And then, one chair will be removed from the game. And at the end, the player will sit in the final chair they will be the winner.

Freeze dance

In this game also, music will get needed, so one player should be the music in charge. Everybody will be dancing the craziest when the music starts because the crazier will be better. The dancers should also get stopped or frozen in their position when they get stopped. If anyone gets caught moving, they will be out. Continue to play till the game comes to one person and who will be the winner.

Shadow tag

It’s a variation of tag games. Instead of tagging on someone’s body in this game, you tag their shadow with your feet.

This must get played on sunny days. With a small group of people, you can play this.


Some of us still love to play our old childhood games. That’s if not like a kid, but like an adult, we play those games in an improved or modified way by making up our own rules. These are some no-tech games we have enjoyed in our childhood.

Kristina Bell

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