5 Painting Techniques that Actually Make Your Home Look Less Cluttered

If you have a small space, and do not like it looking messy, there are some tricks you can put in place to make your home look less cluttered. There are actually some painting techniques that you may not have known about that can make spaces look less littered. Sometimes you just cannot avoid some clutter in your home. That is when these techniques can come in handy.

These painting techniques will bring the attention away from the mess and hone in on the brilliance of the walls. Colors and patterns can make a big difference when trying to make a small space look less chaotic. It is easier than you might think. With these simple painting techniques, you can easily give any room the look of being organized.

Here are 5 painting techniques that actually make your home look less cluttered:

1. Choose lighter colors for your walls

This is a simple technique that you can use to make any room look less cluttered. It works simply by reflecting the light, making the room seem brighter and roomier when the walls are of lighter color. Darker paint absorbs light and darker the room, the more it will look sloppy. A lighter color will make the room feel bigger and therefore better. This works especially well in areas of a small home that are the least messiest to keep the focus on the objects in the room rather than the walls.

2. Use monochromatic paint

When you coordinate all the colors of the room, you can make the room feel more organized. This is because when everything matches and blends, it will make everything look coherent and like it is supposed to be there and therefore less messy. Painting the room in a high end property with different or opposite colors will segment off the room, making it feel small and detached. This is especially important in loft or open floor plans. If the changes in color are too dramatic, it can be jarring or distracting, making the room look more chaotic.

3. Paint the ceiling darker or with a bold type pattern

When you paint the walls a nice bright, light color, you might want to paint the ceiling a darker color or a bold pattern, it can make the room look bigger, and draw the eye away from the clutter. Basically, this tricks the eye to look upward and away from all the mess. For example, you can paint the walls a nice light colored blue, and paint the ceiling a darker blue to make it look like the night sky. Not only will this look beautiful and calming, especially for a bedroom, it will make the room look less disorderly.

4. Pick up color from your biggest pieces

When working in a small room, you as mentioned above, want the room to look bigger so that it looks more organized. Another way to accomplish this is to choose a color that matches your largest pieces of house furniture. For example, choose a paint color that matches the bed frame and linens from a bedroom, or the couch color in a bedroom. The furniture will look like it ‘recedes’ into the space, making the room look spotless.

5. Be cautious with pastel hues

There are some colors that should be avoided if you want to make a room appear shipshape, and pastels are definitely one of those colors. Although you may want lighter colors, pastels perhaps should be avoided. For example, the peach hues and dusty rose hues that were made popular in the 1980s tend to look dingy. The dingy looking colors can draw attention to everything in the room, actually making the room look more disarrayed. This is what you are trying to avoid. Choose a color shade that does not have yellow, gray, or brown undertones to avoid the dinginess.

According to Jane from Malta Sothebys Realty Homes, these are just a few painting techniques and tips that can help you make a small space look less cluttered. There is no reason to not have a beautiful looking space that you can feel proud of. Just utilize these techniques to give your home a wonderful orderly face lift.

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