5 Best Mattresses in a Box: Top Mattress Brands Reviews

A question comes in mind when you think about the mattress in a box. Actually traditional mattress and the mattress in a box are almost the same. As the name mattress in a box; they are compressed, rolled, and packaged into a compact box or bag for easy transportation, shipping online, and hassle-free delivery to your door. Nectar, Casper, Purple, Leesa, Emma, Layla, Puffy, Nova, BB, and Helix all these are good mattress brands that design, build, and deliver good quality mattresses for your comfort.

A lot of people have a question why do they buy mattress in a box online when they can’t do testing? Mattress brands also know these things that are why most companies offer free shipping, free trial periods, free returns, and warranty benefits as well if you buy mattress in the box.

5 Best Mattresses in a Box are here:

However, everybody will have their personal requirement while purchasing a mattress but still trying to pick the top 5 mattresses of these brands.


  • Free Shipping
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made In America

The Original BedInABox is an Ameican brand that designs, manufacture, and sells. They are CertiPUR-US Certified and delivering comfortable sleeping mattresses at affordable prices.  The Original, Tranquillium, Azul, Dual Hybrid, and Eco-Lux are the most popular products of this brand. They use the super easy and safe mattress in a box process to sell and deliver their products either online or offline.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress

  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Affordable and Durable
  • 3 Firmness Options
  • Best Mattresses for Back Pain and Stomach Sleepers

They make all of their own beds and they ship them directly to you. So they can afford to offer some steeper discounts. I think, for the most part, you’ll end up getting a queen for somewhere between $800 and $900. The Brooklyn bedding signature mattress is more affordable beds.

They are just made entirely of foam.  And then it’s got a bunch of comfort foams as you transition up. This particular option has 6 inches pocketed coils on the bottom.

And it really just has more of neutral soft foam, like a classic soft foam feel. I think it’s really comfortable and it comes in 3 different furnace options. And I think that’s the gripe with a lot of people with bedding the box mattresses is that they don’t have the firmest option that works for you. Well, Brooklyn bedding does. They have the soft. That’s incredibly plush. You should only get it if you want a truly, truly soft bed.

Then they have the medium option. That’s the most popular. That’s still on the softer end of the spectrum. But it’s a really, really comfortable bed in it. I think it’ll be great for the side. Sleeper side sleepers are about 70 percent of the population out there. So that medium option, I think, will be nice. And then the firm option is about a medium-firm, I think that will accommodate most back and stomach sleeper’s things to great bed.

Bear Mattress

  • Affordable and Comfortable
  • All-Foam Bed
  • 10″ Height Profiles
  • Soft Memory Foam on Top

Now, next up is, I think, one of the best values or maybe even the best memory foam mattress, period.

So this is a brand. They make a nice product. I think they are a really good brand. And the bed I’m talking about here is their flagship mattress. It is under $700 after a discount for the queen size. There should be a discount on it, but it’s a memory foam bed. So you get some of that sinking sensation, some of that like traditional dense feel the memory foam bed.

Maybe not as extreme as a temporary attic bed, but it offers that, like deep contouring that you’re used to. You lay on it, you slowly sink in. This particular option is about somewhere between maybe a medium and a medium-firm, and all these beds will soften. So you kind of would rather start maybe a little firmer and allow the bed to soften up, which is why I think it’s sort of in that medium to the medium-firm range because it will soften as you use it.

But really the biggest reason to get it is that you like memory foam and you want an incredible value, like a tremendous value. Most of the time, again, after discounters like seven or bucks, it even has a special cover that’s made of a Celliant material and is used in the cover to help promote more restful sleep, help with circulation and all that stuff. I’m a believer that doesn’t mean that it’s actually going to work for you, but I kind of think there’s something to it.

Now, if you don’t like memory foam but you like the price point of a bear mattress.

Tuft and Needle Mattress

  • Affordable Price
  • All-Foam Bed
  • Adaptive and Soft Foam Feel
  • Hybrid Mattress

It is kind of like the original online mattress. The original bed in a box mattress that sort of started it all along with some other brands. But it has basically become a household name. It is now owned by Serta Simmons. Their flagship mattress is bare-bones, but it’s incredibly affordable and I think most people will find it comfortable. So the queen is like $600 on her box somewhere around there.

But it is actually only two layers support core and a comfort layer. And so there has not a whole lot to it. But I think a lot of people out there are just looking for a comfy foam bed. And that is exactly what Tuft and Needle are.

It is around a medium on a soft a firm scale, so it is not overly soft or firm should accommodate all sleeping positions.

Layla Mattress

  • Double-Side Bed
  • Memory Foam Feel
  • All-foam Mattress
  • Cooler, Cleaner, and more Supportive

Layla is a double-sided memory foam bed that has a super plush side and a side that’s kind of in-between maybe a medium and a medium-firm. So the idea here is that you are getting two beds in one. So you could try the soft side super. Pressure-relieving, you know, if you shoulder pain maybe or hip pain. I think a lot of people find that comfortable. Has that airy, fluffy memory foam feel not a dense feel.

Then if you flip it, you get a side that’s a little bit firmer, maybe, you know, a little bit better for back or stomach sleepers.

Purple Mattress

  • Affordable Price
  • Unique Feel
  • Great for Hot Sleepers
  • Hyper-elastic Polymer Grid

I think most people would like a Purple mattress. So I think Purple is probably the best known online mattress. And it is because it is such an interesting bed.

It’s not you know, it’s not necessarily a regular interspersing bed. It’s not really technically a foam bed. It actually uses a special proprietary material on the top called a hyper-elastic polymer.

It’s kind of soft. It’s kind of firm. It just depends on the sleeping position. But I think if you are a hot sleeper, you can’t do better than a purple mattress. There are a few other beds that I love were hot sleepers, but I think purple will work for the vast majority of people.

It has hundreds of little pockets of air and the air is not going to heat up the way a lot of foams do. And even hyper-elastic polymer the Gel infusion like material that does not really retain heat the way a lot of foams do either. So just ends up being an incredible mattress for hot sleepers.

So before going to buy any brand mattress, first of all, check the product reviews, make comparisons, build a mattress list, and then pick the right one for you.

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