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The very notion of having to move to another place can be very daunting. It’s a tough ask to handle and get past too, considering the emotional roller coaster the experience can be. You have anxiety, fear, and excitement rushing through your veins. Stress levels are often through the roof in the midst of all the chaos.

A big chunk of money that gets sponged out of your bank account will go to your local movers, new house deposits, moving taxes and investment on materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, ropes, and cords etc.

All these are essentially needed to pack your items for transportation. The expense is a lot, right? You definitely would want to find ways you can lower that amount. Well for starters, the thing you really need to consider is the place you are moving into.

Why should this be your first step to lower your financial burden? It’s because of the living costs of the city you plan to move into. The costs of living in any city vary from one city to another.

Every city has a standard cost of living. Some are relatively cheap but others, not so much. Furthermore, the cost of living has increased by 13% in the past 3 years — and it is likely to increase even more in the near future.

Our guide is more than happy to share some information on the costs of living in 10 cities that you may consider moving to.

Read on, you can find the perfect city to move to that suits you well and can also withstand your budget.

1. Akron

With a population of 198,252 people, Akron in Summit County Ohio is a modest town. The Median Home Value is $80,100. The Median Rent is $713. People are attracted to this part of the city due to its coffee shops, bars, and parks.

2. Topeka

The population of 127,139 people, Topeka is often regarded as the best city to live in Kansas. The Median Home Value in Topeka is  $100,400, while the Median Rent is $751. The place has moderate weather with a wide range of public schools and decent houses.

There is a lot of diversity in its population and has a good employment rate.

3. Evansville

With a population of 119,806, Evansville is located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The Median Home Value is $89,700. The Median Rent is $738. Ideally, this place has great houses, affordable costs of living and easy commute routes.

4. Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls is a city in Texas with a population of 104,621 people, The Median Home Value is $96,700. The Median Rent is $763.

Great housing attracts families paired with affordable costs of living and employment opportunities.

5. Dayton

Another city in Ohio, Dayton is in Montgomery County with a population of 140,939 people. The Median Home Value is $66,500. The Median Rent is $653.

The city has decent weather with a lot of diversity in its population.

6. Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids is a city with a population of 130,330 people in Iowa. The Median Home Value is $138,500. The Median Rent is $729. The housing and cost of living are at a considerable cheap and good price.

7. Odessa

In Ector County, with a population of 115,930, Odessa is a city in Texas. The Median Home Value is $136,300. The Median Rent is $996.People looking for employment and affordable costs of living can find their heaven here.

8. Davenport

Another city in Iowa, Davenport with a population of 102,268 people is based in Scott County. The Median Home Value is $124,300. The Median Rent is $733. Great houses and employment opportunities await anyone who wants to settle down here.

9. Amarillo

With a population of 197,823 people based in Potter County, Amarillo is another great city to move to in Texas. The Median Home Value is $123,200. The Median Rent is $814. With a diverse cultural and a range of job opportunities, the cost of living is pretty decent.

10. Springfield

In Sangamon County, Springfield is a city in Illinois with a population of 116,313 people. The Median Home Value is $125,600. The Median Rent is $765. There a lot of public schools, which encourage families to move here.

These cities attract a lot of people each year due to their distinct features and attractions. By now, you should be able to decide if you can move to any of these cities. If you plan to move somewhere not mentioned in our list, make use of the Internet to determine the costs before you make the move!

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