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If you have already decided to move to another country, then you have got a few things to be getting on with. It’s not that easy, well, you have to put some elbow grease into it. Just proper planning can get you through the international move and doing an in-depth research about the chosen destination would be a rich stitch in time. That’s not a big ask. After all, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Whoa!

Anyhow, we are going to delve into what to do while moving to another country.Some things won’t take a lot of time (just like booking flights). Be that as it may, there are a few things which can take a bit longer when it comes to moving house internationally.

Moving house internationally can be a bit tricky, but with the help of these fruitful tips, everything can be done in a seamless way. That’s what most of the people pin their hopes on.Alright, here are a few things you need to keep a close weather on before moving house to other country. Let’s get into this:

Do in-depth research about the destination country

Yes, doing an in-depth research about your destination country is something very fructiferous. Before singling out the destination country, give the research a once-over with a fine tooth comb so that you could know what is special about the place and if you can fit in there. These days, a lot of online guide forums and books are available so nothing is to worry about that. Don’t forget to check out the location of your destination and areas nearby (including places like banks, embassies, hospitals etc.) so that you don’t have to worry after getting in there. That’s a good idea, isn’t it?

Prioritize the most important stuff

In accordance with your stay in the house that you are going to leave now, you may have accumulated a considerable amount of items. Not all of them are useful, relevant or essential for you to bring them with you in a new place. You need to reduce your possessions by sparing some time to go through your gears and clean out the clutter. In doing so, you will be able to minimize the volume of things that you are going to pack for shipping. You can use the most popular four rules to make a diagnosis of your luggage that are; donate or gift, throw away, sell and sustain or use excess baggage services.  The first and foremost thing to act upon is to dispose of the junk to make room for the valued items. So, what you have to do is to distribute your stuff in fractions. If you are in a hurry and have no time to sell the things, you can earn an eternal peace by donating them too with the donation articles.

Remember, the more items you take with you, the more amount you have to pay for shipping, therefore no need to take useless items. It can be more convenient for you to make a list of things in order to know the exact mass of the things you own. This list help you to divide the gears into four fraction describe them to deal with them accordingly. It is also worthy to get the area plan of your new house so that you may decide how many furniture articles will easily be adjusted there in a suitable and pleasant way. On the off chance, your furniture too got spare, no need to panic you can ask neighbours if they need or gift your friend, you may sell them online instantly.

It is worthy to understand that you are migrating from the country not from the town, therefore you need more cash than stuff. It will be beneficial for you to sell the big items like furniture and household things to get a handsome amount of cash which can be paid for the shipping of useful gears. It is the time to be pitiless with the things all you possess. Just have a look on complete luggage, if you can buy in cheaper price from the country in which you are moving although you love them, you shouldn’t increase the weight of your luggage. If you have a great deal of decoration pieces including big teddy bears and Pandas, make sure to leave them there. The reason for this is, they will occupy large space although have little weight but can cost you a lot.

Pack your own stuff

Well, packing is something you should keep a close eye on. One of the easiest way to save yourself quite a lot is packing all your luggage yourself. This will help you save the packing cost that you would have paid otherwise. Pack as early as possible so that you get enough time to properly pack all of your stuff. Alright, who could pack your luggage in a way better than yours? Indubitably, you are the one who can pack all the stuff with utmost care and properly. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Be that as it may, there are some you must take a note of before packing the luggage up.Following are some important tips which will help you categorize and pack your stuff effectively to keep them safe for your international move. Here we go:

Pack before time

It is correctly said that “A stitch in time saves nine”. Packing is not a child’s play when you are moving house internationally. However, some people take it very easy and don’t pack beforehand. This way, they end up cutting corners and pack improperly. For this case, just start packing your stuff ahead of time.Make a list of all the stuff you get to pack and put the packing of fragile items on ice so that you get enough time to pack them later. Still and all, just make sure you get the sufficient time to finish the entire job before the shipment date given by the company you are transporting your goods with.

Choosing the right boxes

Yes, that’s the thing needing huge attention when it comes to packing. Buying super sturdy cardboard boxes is something you must fix your gaze on while you are packing for moving house to another country. Used boxes would work in case you are moving to outlying district of the same city. But an international move requires extra care. That being the case, choose only the strong cardboard boxes especially designed for international house removals to keep safe against any damage as these are less likely to break. There are a lot of sizes available in market which can cater to all of your needs. For all that, you have to just search around and find the perfect boxes in accordance with your needs.

Make an inventory list and label the stuff accordingly

Beyond the shadow of any doubt, it can be very advantageous for you as well as for the freight process to put number on all your luggage cartons. This is the most proficient way adopted by all the expertise to keep all your things on track and in a decent manner. When you label all the cartons, then will be able to tell quickly if a carton is missing and enable you to provide an instant reference. Labelling the cartons can be more useful for you to quickly grab that box which you need. Briefly make a list of all the labelled cartons so that you may be able to speed up the custom process. That’s a given.

Packing fragile items and using packing material

While packing fragile items means you have to put some elbow grease into itand it would be a great idea to wait for fragile items until you are done with the rest of the items. It is recommended to pack the breakable items just one or two days before the date of shipment pickup. Therefore, just pack all of your luggage (except fragile items) first so that you could get enough time to pack the breakable items in an adequate manner. Usually, most of the damage is done to the goods during the moving process. This is due to vibration made by the things when they are on the move. To keep safe against the damage, don’t leave space within the boxes.No ifs, ands, or buts about it. The goods inside the boxes will move around if any space is left inside the boxes. Just keeping all the boxes tightly packed so that the luggage inside is less likely to move and even the lesser damage can be avoided.

Also, make use of packing materials which will give further strength to your goods. Most commonly used packing materials include packing paper and bubble wrap. Be that as it may, it will add to the overall weight of the box and eventually to the overall shipment cost. For this case, you can make use of the unnecessaryclothes, blankets or socks to muffle up the breakable items. By doing this, you will be able to save the money that you would have spent otherwise on packing materials and overall shipment.

Pick out the sea freight service

Well, most of the professionals beat the drums for shipment via sea and that’s not wrong (if I am being brutally honest). The shipment charges in case of sea fright are much less than that of air freight (though that’s time grabbing). But, if you are sending your shipment before time, you wouldn’t have to worry about the arrival time of your shipment. If we spend a moment just talking about the charges of sending cargo through air, it’s much more costly than that of sea. Alright, let’s make it simple. If you are moving the luggage of a one-bedroom flat from UK to Australia, you have to spend £1700 by sea and nearly £7000 in case you are sending cargo by plane. That’s pricy, isn’t it?

Straight after that, you would not be able to send as much luggage by air as you could send on ship. Yes, the saving is big. I mean, just send in advance and save a thumping great amount of money. That’s not a big ask. Is it?

Having said earlier, shipping through the waves is much more cost effective way of sending cargo internationally. However, the right type of shipping container used for the transportation of the goods also plays a vital role in saving quite a lot amount of money.The time consumed in getting the goods transported will be hinged on the chosen destination and the route taken by the ship. There are three types of containers that you can choose from while moving house internationally. Let’s take a look at each of the following separately.

Full Container

You have got a couple of options if you are thinking about reserving afull shipping container including a 20 feet or a 40 feet shipping container (either partial or full container). You can reserve an entire 20 or 40 foot shipping container for your belongings as per the requirements. This is an expensive option but it’s really effective for moving large contents.

Shared Container

In this type, all of your cargo items would be enclosed in a wooden box and your shipment will share a container with other shipments of the same category. Well, this is way cheaper than reserving a full container. That’s parsimonious, isn’t it? But, a third party will arrange shared container for you so you have to paythird party fees.


Groupage shipments are also transported within a shared container (with other shipments). However, what makes it different from the aforementioned type is that no third party is involved and all other goods on the container belong to the customers of the same removal company. Groupageshipments are even cheaper than the shared container shipments as no third party fees are going to do your head in.

Pick out the shipping company carefully and compare the prices for at least 4 shipping companies

Well, picking out the company which suits your shipping needs and budget is something you must keep a close weather on. Try out searching at least four companies, comparing cost of moving and then making the final decision will be icing on the cake.

The choice of shipping company is also very crucial. Yes, a trustworthy cargo company will give little stress to your brain and pocket too. For this reason, you get to search around the town to single out the most reputable cargo company which can do the job for you at competitive prices. To put it simple, the reviews left by the people (who have already obtained their services) are something you must give a look-seeto.

Another advantage of trustworthy shipping company over the rivals is that they keep all the customers informed and updated through their online tracking system. So, you will be updated throughout the transportation process (location of your belongings and also about the delays, if any). Right after that, check out for the insurance policy for the goods given by the company you are shipping with. For longer journeys, it is important to get insurance coverage on the stuff you are transporting so that any damage or loss to the goods can be compensated. Generally, shipment companies offer insurance according to the distance your goods have to cover. However, you get to double check the figures in order to avoid ant ambiguities.

Book the flights at exactly the right moment

Yes, you heard it right. While booking tickets at the last instant can cost you big money, so is the case with too earlierbooking. Therefore, you must book the flights at the specific time (not a way earlier than you need to nor at the last moment). The perfect moment for booking flights depends upon the country you are heading to and the time of the year you are making a move on. Look out for off peak seasons just a few days before your departure date and save quite a few bucks.To make it simple, just book the flights at exactly the perfect moment.

While International House Removalis something really knackering and time grabbing, giving a look-see to the aforementioned tips can help you send your luggage without any trouble along with saving quite a lot.

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