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There are two approaches to making kitchen design ideas. You can choose every element that you like and that you think looks great. Or, you can choose based on what’s popular and trending.

The main benefit of choosing based on your preferences is you get what you want. The main disadvantages are that twofold. First, you may not end up liking what you chose. Designing and remodelling a kitchen isn’t easy. There are many decisions to make and it’s easy to make wrong decisions.

Second, your tastes may not be all that common and when the time comes to sell your home, you may have a kitchen many potential buyers don’t care for. All they’ll see is a major cost to renovate that kitchen which could hurt your sale price.

Designing your kitchen based on what’s popular or trending offers a huge benefit, and that is if/when you sell your home, chances are you’ll have a kitchen potential buyers like because it’s a popular design. Instead of going the unique or unusual route, you played it safe and have a kitchen with broad appeal.

The downside of designing a kitchen that’s trending is that you may compromise your style and still not have a kitchen some potential buyers like (who will renovate anyway).

The fact is kitchen renos are expensive and home buyers don’t relish having to buy a home and then do a major kitchen renovation. Many buyers want turn-key that includes a renovated kitchen they love.

At the end of the day, whether you design a kitchen for your tastes exclusively or go for broad appeal, it does help to know what kitchen design elements are popular, in demand and used extensively.

For this reason, we have a highly informative spreadsheet courtesy of Homes tratosphere that sets out which styles, colors, sizes, features, cabinets, finishes and flooring types are most common and least common. Check out the full spreadsheet below:

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