All small spaces give us a challenge with our furniture arrangement and design, especially when it comes to our living room. The living room is one of the social hubs in the house. It’s where you entertain your guests, have game nights, watch Netflix, gather book clubs, or simply hang out.

Decorating and arranging a small living room affects your furniture choices. You want to strike a balance of spacious while possibly having enough seating.

Here are tips on maximizing your small living room space:

Avoid heavy furniture.

Choose furniture that fit a smaller space. You can choose to furnish with legs and open bottoms because they create a more spacious feel in the room. Otherwise, you can find traditional bulky pieces in narrower widths. That way, you can have the same look at a smaller scale.
In some spaces, a full-sized sofa just won’t make the cut. Opt for a loveseat or a petite sofa instead. Choose one that.


Play with color

Dark hues often make a room feel heavier and cramped. So, using light and soft hues can make a room bigger and brighter. For more light, you can also place a mirror opposite the window to add more light. Bright and vibrant colors also make small spaces appear larger.

To avoid plain and boring, instill a little personality by adding bright colors and patterns to neutrals.

Use your walls

Maximize your space by using the walls. Floating shelves offer storage space without the heaviness of big bookshelves and chests. For wall décor, try thinner frames to give a less bulky touch.

Make every furniture piece count.

Buy double-duty pieces. Choose furniture and decorative elements that are functional. There are lots of furnitures that have hidden storage and still look elegant. There are coffee tables with drawers and benches with bottom storage; a foot stool that opens up, etc.


Make your furniture mobile.

Consider casters on some of your furniture. It allows you to move around pieces as needed. You can purchase them with casters or outfit it yourself. It makes rearranging easier.

Make use of corners.

We often overlook corners, but you can totally use this space to squeeze in something. An extra chair, an end table, a bookshelf, etc. You can make this space your reading nook if you like.

Add some greenery

Bringing in a plant can make even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. If you don’t have floor space, try a hanging plant instead. You can find a lot of low maintenance plants in stores today.


Do you have a record player that you want accessible? Or a game console that you always use but want to put away somewhere? Customizing some furniture pieces to fit your personal pieces to utilize every space you can. You can build in your entertainment area to fit your TV, a soundbar, DVD player, DVD collection, etc. Another advantage with customizing is you can decorate or design it according to how you like.


Put away some items

You don’t have to display everything. Try to keep things uncluttered. If you have a collection you want to show off, maybe choose a few at a time.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to use certain furniture for different purposes. For instance, use a wooden stool as a corner table, or a bookcase for some decors. You can even use a bar cart for picture frames and storage. And of course, you can also go back to using it with its original purpose.


Arranging and decorating a space is more challenging when the space is limited. You think you have to downsize or get rid of things, and so on. However, you don’t always have to get rid of things. To maximize your small living space, consider your walking space, your furniture, your light, your positioning and arrangement, and the functionality of the room.

This is your living space so make it as personal as you can. Your preference should ultimately trump all the tips and guidelines, so don’t be afraid to take risks with your own space. If you’re a visual person, it might take a few moving around before you can settle with the furniture’s position and location. Consider the light in the room, your walking space,

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