Which is The Best Multi-Fuel Stove?

Choosing the best multi-fuel stove can be challenging. There are more variables than with a standard wood burner because multi-fuel stoves, by their nature, have strengths and weaknesses that are due to the trade-offs between burning wood or burning other fuels, such as coal, anthracite, and peat.

Nevertheless, there are some brilliant models on the market, and the versatility that comes with a multi-fuel stove makes them unbeatable in terms of value, heat output, and entertainment.

Our pick of the best multi-fuel stoves:

Parkray Consort 9 Multi Fuel Boiler Stove

The Parkray Consort 9 is a brilliant, medium-range stove that unites a large heat output (9kW) with either a clip-in or integral boiler that can meet all of your central heating needs.

With the clip-in boiler, you keep 2.5kW of the direct heat from the stove and redirect 5.5kW to the boiler. This water will then flow to your radiators and circulate your home – diffusing the warmth more effectively.

The integral boiler option is, however, the most efficient since not only do you have the 2.5kW of direct heat from the stove, you also get 8kW to the boiler. In other words, the practical heat output of your boiler stove is increased by 1.5kW. Furthermore, there is less of a maintenance burden, since the Airwash system keeps smoke and carbon deposits from building on the glass.

Yeoman CL5 Midline

The Yeoman CL5 is a contemporary midline stove raised about a foot upon an integral fuel store. This is a fantastic way to save space, and a subtle and elegant way to show off your fuel. Because it is raised, you can give your sedentary guests an eye-level view of the rolling flames in the firebox.

The Yeoman CL5 is one of the most efficient stoves around (about 85% efficiency), and with a heat output of 5kW, it’s no little tiddler either.

The contemporary style will complement the minimalist furnishings of the modern home, meanwhile the attention to finishing touches – such as a self-locking function on the handle – mean that it is the pinnacle of convenience as well.

Hunter Herald 14

Now we unveil the big guns. The Hunter Herald 14 packs a glacier-melting heat output of 15kW – triple the output of many compact models. Furthermore, what it outputs in heat, it does not squander inefficiency. Its efficiency rating of 78% makes it one of the most economical options around.

In terms of style, the Hunter Herald 14 comes with a double door as standard. The windows are separated by muntins which, along with the high, mansard canopy, convey the idea of a little house. The design is somehow quaint yet robust, and the number of door and canopy options make this one of the most customisable multi-fuel stoves around.

Stovax Huntingdon 30

Possibly the most stylish multi-fuel stove on the market, the Huntingdon 30 combines refined elegant design with a significant heating capacity, and unprecedented control.

Dual air levers allow you to control flame glow and heat output to suit your needs, so whether you are looking for a showstopper or a slow smolder, the Huntingdon 30 has you covered. An external riddling feature, moreover, allows for the more efficient burning of smokeless fuels.

This is a very efficient model (80%), with a mid-range output of 6kW. However, technical specs aside, what this stove lacks in firepower it more than makes up for in terms of style and the degree of control you have over the flame.

Our personal favourite of these stoves is the Hunter Herald 14, due to its customisability and the sheer quantity of heat output. It can look either endearingly ornate, or sleek and modern, depending on the parts you choose, and its large fuel bed means you can keep it smoldering for twelve hours without tending it. For large spaces, there is no better option.

John Jeffreys

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