Types of Desks to Choose For Your Office

When it comes to picking the right kind of office furniture, we have not met anyone who is not picky. If you do not spend enough time in finding the right type of office desk for yourself, believe us when we say you will dread your working hours. Many people believe picking an office desk is a simple task, but it is not. Before you make a choice, list down the nature of work, available space, budget and preferred style. You can view a variety of office desks online if you do not have time to visit the market and do a survey.

To make things easier for you, we are going to list down different types of office desks that serve a different purpose, and you can make a choice as per your requirement.

Computer Desk

As the world is moving towards freelance gigs, most of us require a compact space within our home or office which has wiring capacity and can well fit our computer along with basic notebook, file covers, and a few stationery items. Computer desks are compact but equally useful and enough to carry basic items required to get your work going.

Executive Desk

Fancy those huge desks, in your boss’s room? Those are called executive desks. They have a space for laptop and drawers to keep official documents and files. A nice planner, lamp, a pen holder will give you a look very executive office if you have sufficient space. In case you long for more space, wide options of L-shaped and U-shaped executive desks are available in the market.

Standing Desk

We all need a break from sitting down for 8 hours straight on a chair. If you get tired of sitting on a chair and work through the day, a standing desk is the right choice for you. The height of these desks is adjustable for added comfort and convenience. You can pick a material in accordance with your office décor. Now that is what we call comfort with style.

Credenza Desk

Are you a person who worships beauty? You want elegance in everything you pick, do not fret. You do not have to pick a simple office desk. Credenza desk is something that will compliment your taste. It’s elegant, spacious and sits beautifully in the centre of your office. It has drawers to store a lot of documents. The top compartment has enough space for books and some lovely decorative pieces. You can place a credenza desk in your study room for added elegance.

L-Shaped Desk

L-shaped Desks are an ideal type of desks if placed on the corner of the room. They are available in different materials to suit the rest of the ambiance of your office. The broad front part is ideal for a laptop or computer, and the side panel is enough for work tray, files, stationery items, etc.

U-shaped Desk

Does your work involve a lot of paperwork?  If you are in need of added space and storage, a U-shaped desk is the right choice for you. It offers a large space for laptops; record books and files just like L-shaped desks but are more spacious.

Secretary Desk

Secretary Desks are suitable if you have large space as they are made of heavy wood and give a more formal look to the office. They have a wide space at the front for office laptops and drawers for storage. If your office is a start-up, the secretary desk might not be a good choice as it gives a very formal look. If you are looking to give a casual look to your office, you can opt for the side desk or cubicles which we are going to discuss below.

Side Desks

Side Desks are ideal for the situation when you have corners to fill in, and you are short on space. They are like L-shaped desks but occupy less space. They have a front panel for laptop, and side panel for storage. Their compact size and shape are ideal for a corner in your office.


Cubicles are an ideal choice for mid to large-sized organizations. Cubicles give small private space to employees in which they have their laptop, storage area and a space to put on some nice pictures and important notes. By providing cubicles to your employees, you provide them with their own personal space within the office which enhances their efficiency. 

Writing Desks

If your office is completely computer-based, you do not need any storage. Laptop and writing desks are ideal for such situations. They are compact and have enough space for a laptop and small stationery. They make an excellent choice if you need some personal space in your house for your freelance gig, writing or reading.

Which Size and Material is the right size for you

Now that you know multiple types of office desk, you are in a position to pick the right type of office desk. In order to find the right pick, make sure you measure the size of your office, the number of office desks required and the nature of your office work. Once you have jotted down these points clearly, make sure to measure the width of doors and staircase so brining a huge desk such as executive or credenza is not an issue for you.

The type of office desk speaks the nature of your office before you so choose wisely. If your office has a casual feel, do not opt for an executive desk or if your office involves formal stakeholder meetings, casual desks such corner desks might not make a good choice.

The material of the office desk is determined by the nature of work. We recommend picking a laminated office desk if there is high traffic in your office as laminated furniture is easy to clean. For a more executive look, solid wood is a perfect choice. Glass furniture is also a good choice, but if you are scared of cleaning the fingerprints over and over again, skip it. There are many options available in metal to give a modern look to your office. For people who are not tight budget but are a fan of wood, veneer wood is the right choice. It looks exactly like solid wood but is cheaper and weighs less. The furniture is easy to move around, less costly and gives you equally exquisite look like solid wood.


Choosing the right type of office desk is crucial choices in the smooth running of your business, so do not rush into buying just any office desk you find on the block. It is highly important to identify the budget, requirement and the feel you want to create and available space in your office before making a choice.

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