tips to get the best handyman in NYC

It is usually a stressful process to select the best handyman for your job. You have to thoroughly research each company and analyse what they have to offer. Some important factors to consider include:

  • Cost
  • Customer reviews
  • Time taken to complete tasks etc. 

However, it is possible to make wrong choices due to a lack of adequate information on the salient points to note when choosing an expert for your project. Having noticed many people’s confusion on what to ask when hiring an electrician, we put together a list of comprehensive tips. These are sure to help you make an informed choice, when next you have to hire a handyman. There are numerous risks associated with a poorly executed electrical job. But, these could mostly be avoided by employing the services of an expert for your residential electrical services. So, if you want hiring incompetent professionals to be a thing of the past, this article is just for you!

Determine the Scope of the Project

As a homeowner, you have to assess and determine the scope of the damage before you decide to fix an appointment with a professional. Defining the task helps you ascertain the following:

  1. Type of services needed
  2. Potential estimated cost
  3. Level of expertise required
  4. Number of outlets to buy etc. 

So, whether you need to rewire a house, install retractable awning or just install a single outlet, you should always make a mental note of the level of damage before commencing your hiring process. It is much safer to work with an electrician with vast knowledge and experience in handling even complex projects such as how to install underground electrical wiring. Understanding the full extent of the task is the very first step in choosing the right handyman for the job. 

Use Online Local Resources

It is best to employ the services of a local handyman pro for your project. This grants you more access and lesser costs, in case there is a need to move heavy machinery. So, even if you have gotten the contacts of few electrical contractors from close friends and relatives, endeavor to do some research of your own. 

You can browse local handyman services in your area online or using a phone directory. Once you have identified the potential companies, simply place a call through or send an email to start a conversation. This is useful for inquiring about their availability and how they intend to execute your task. Make the most of your local resources before seeking foreign help, which is generally more expensive.

Check References

There’s almost no other form of marketing that’s more effective than word-of-mouth referrals. It is a known fact that people generally only refer to services they enjoy. So when you obtain multiple positive recommendations about a handyman service, it shows that they are reliable and trusted to deliver quality results. 

Checking references is a good way to assess how consistently good a handyman service is. Without this, you can’t be sure of others’ opinions of their works. Therefore, as soon as you receive a references’ contact details, you should call to ask about the quality of their jobs and the average timeframe for completion. Also, you could read local handyman pros’ reviews online. It is more advisable to take the chance on a referred company than an unknown one. 

Ask Your Neighbors

It is a good option to pick random names from an online search of local experts offering electrical services in NYC or a directory. However, asking people around you for recommendations has been found to yield even better results. 

There’s every possibility that your neighbor, relative, colleague or close friend has just had electrical work done in their home. So, they might have recommendations or advise you to avoid a company based on past dealings. We advise that you only seek the opinion of someone you absolutely trust. Also, you can ask contractors, builders and developers for quality recommendations.

Watch Out for Scams

There are many fraudsters pretending to be legitimate businesses. So, it is important to ask for a license before hiring a company. Possessing a valid license shows that a handyman has undergone the mandated training required to perform residential electrical repairs according to the guidelines and standards set by the local authorities. 

Your handyman must be adequately licensed and insured before you allow them to work on your premises. A licensed handyman should provide you with liabilities insurance, in case of any injuries sustained in your home. This ensures that you are protected from being held accountable for emergencies. Because if they are not covered, you would have to pay from your pocket.

Get Everything on Record

The details of your dealings with a handyman must always be documented to prevent any discrepancies. It is good practice to draw up a contract in the event that you are hiring an electrician. Even if it’s family, you should have legal backing for every project. This would contain the details of the project, terms and conditions, the timeframe for completion, the cost and terms of payment. 

   It can be a rather stressful process to pick the best handyman, but this should not make you settle for the first name you see or the cheapest option. Choose an expert with great knowledge of handyman tools and the skills to use them efficiently. Then, create a contract that would bind the relationship legally. A breach of  contract from either party would result in consequences. 


In booking a handyman for your electrical projects, you have to look out for a safe, efficient and top-notch service. Despite the chances of making a wrong choice, understanding and using these tips will help to tilt the odds more in your favor. So, after concluding your thorough selection process, you should endeavor to build a working relationship with the company. With this, you don’t have to go through the same process every time you have an electrical project. Simply choose the best and leave the rest!

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