Seeing a little creature run across your kitchen floor is never a sight you want to see as a homeowner. Mice are not just annoying; they also pose a health risk and can make your home a dangerous place to live in. They can be found across the UK and are the most common rodents to be found in homes. The problem is that mice can adapt to environments and multiply very quickly, meaning that there could be dozens hiding in your home if you find just a single one.

Having mice in your home is dangerous for you and your family. They might seem pretty harmless, but they can also introduce unwanted bugs such as fleas and ticks in your home. They also carry some very nasty diseases. Now, although this article is about preventing mice from getting into your home, if you already suspect that there might be some living amongst you, you need to call a company that offers pest control services in your area.

Don’t Keep Any Food in Your Garage

If you want to avoid enticing mice in your home, you must not use your garage as a makeshift kitchen. Mice often use garages as an entry point and leaving loads of food around can lead to a full-blown infestation in no time. Keep food in your main kitchen, and you might deter away any mice that take an interest in your garage.

Use Glass Containers for Food Storage

Mice can get into almost any food packaging, so if you are worried about an infestation, you should use glass containers to store your food instead. Not only will you find that food lasts longer, but there is also no chance that mice will be able to get into them.

Look After Your Waste

Now, this might seem like a weird thing to say, but mice love a free and easily accessible meal. This means that your waste and rubbish will often be the main thing that encourages them to enter your home. However, if you keep your bin bags fully sealed and stored away, they will not find any attraction and therefore look elsewhere.

Get a Cat

If you really want to scare away mice, you might like to think about getting a cat (if you do not already have one). Cats are natural-born hunters, so having a feline apprentice will help to scare away mice from your home. It is important to note that not every cat is a predator; some like a quiet life. However, cats that spend time outdoors are far more likely to hunt for their own and send mice running for their lives (quite literally).

Place a Bird Box In Your Garden

A bird box might not be fully effective overnight, but over time can stop mice from coming anywhere near your home. Birds are essentially mice eaters and will act as an effective deterrent as long as they find the food you put out for them.

Fill In Any Holes Your Home Might Have

Holes in and around your home are basically an open invitation for mice to enter and wreak havoc. If you have relatively small holes, we recommend using wire wool to fill them in. However, for larger ones, you will need to use plaster. Whatever the case may be, remember that mice can fit under a space of an average ballpoint pen, so be thorough.

Use Essential Oils

Essentials oil might not be the best way of getting rid of mice, but there is no harm in trying to use them as natural deterrents. Some experts believe that peppermint and clove oil can repel mice. An easy way of putting some around your house is by soaking cotton balls in the oil and putting them in places that you think mice might like.

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