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If you have a lawn, then it’s probably your dream to create the most dazzling and brilliant lawn around. You want something that’s a luscious color and makes all your neighbors green with envy.

To achieve this, you need to pay close attention to the lawn care bible. There are certain things you should do, and certain things you shouldn’t do to get your lawn in the best condition possible.

Below, you’ll find all the tips you need to teach you how to get the best lawn in your neighborhood.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly & Exercise Caution

The best lawns are regularly cut to stop them becoming overgrown and ridden with weeds and all sorts of other unattractive sites. The key is ensuring you air on the side of caution and don’t cut your grass too short. If you cut your lawn all the way down every time, then you end up damaging it. The surface gets damaged, and it starts to appear patchy and muddy in areas. Below the surface, root growth is affected, and there’s more chance of weed growth occurring.

You’re better off cutting your lawn and leaving a good few inches of grass every time. This prevents any problems, you’ll just have to cut it more frequently.

Installing Artificial Grass

Feed Your Lawn

If you want the best lawn possible, then you should start treating it like a living organism. Much like us humans and animals need food to survive, so does your lawn. You need to feed it the right nutrients, or it will never grow to be lush and strong.

Primarily, you need to use proper lawn fertilizer to get the job done. This can come in granular or liquid form, and it’s always advised you scatter it evenly across your lawn. Don’t dump large piles in one place, as too much fertilizer can damage your lawn. It needs a nice equal scattering, pretend you’re dusting a cake with icing sugar! Fertilizer will provide nutrients down into the earth for your roots to strengthen and encourage lush growth.

Tend To Your Lawn Frequently

It’s possible that areas of your lawn can suffer damage and need repairing. Some place may become patchy, which means you need to tend to them and reverse the damage. If there are places where the grass is struggling to grow, you can always try sewing new grass seeds to encourage new growth.

Also, a big part of lawn maintenance is eradicating weeds. Weeds don’t look good and are a real pain for gardeners. As soon as you spot any weed growth, get rid of them right away. It’s so important that you frequently tend to and maintain your lawn so you can address problems as soon as they occur before they become massive issues.

If you follow all of this advice, you will soon have a lawn that makes everyone jealous. Sure, it takes a lot of time and care to grow a lush lawn, but it’s worth the effort.

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