Here’s How the Contours of Pelican Chair Can Revolutionize Your Homes

The sculptural and artistic aesthetic of the Pelican chair was quite ahead of its time. Its introduction back in 1940 was met with a number of reviews that were unimpressed by its eccentricity. However, the curved backrest and comfortable seat of this chair are very much appreciated in this day and age. It suits the contemporary tastes perfectly and has the ability to make space feel lively, memorable, and iconic. Its free-flowing contours and artistic form are just what you need to break the monotony of a boring space. Here’s how the contours of a pelican chair can revolutionize your home aesthetic:

  1. Highlight the back

high back chair

Finn Juhl has designed the Pelican chair in a manner that is incredibly artistic. From its sides to its front and even the back, every aspect is perfectly molded to deliver the best aesthetics. So, even if you place the Pelican chair in a layout that emphasizes its back, you’ll be able to enjoy its contours just as well. Just take a look at this image. You’ll see how the backrest of the chair becomes an absolute highlight within the space. Even though you cannot see the front, it still managed to stand out.

  1. The top-half

top-half chair

Although Finn Juhl used to only name his furniture pieces by numbers, somehow, the nickname of the ‘Pelican’ stuck with this particular chair. Its top half has an extremely unique styling that feels like the flutter of a bird’s wing captured and frozen within a single shape. So, even when the entirety of its body is not visible, you can simply feature the top for a great effect as well. Just take the example of this dining table arrangement. Only the very top of the Pelican chair is visible, but its unique contours still manage to be the focal point of the space.

  1. Showcasing its sides

pelican chair

The sides of the pelican chair are just as visually impactful as its back and top. In fact, you can observe the full majesty of this chair by jut looking at its side. So, whenever you’ve got a plain-jane ambiance that needs a little bit of sprucing up, you can simply place the Pelican chair at a very strategic angle a showcased in this image. Anyone who enters will immediately take notice, and be instantly wowed.

  1. Nothing beats the front

stylish chair

While all the angles of the Pelican chair are a study in artistic design and sculptural furnishing, nothing can beat its front. Upholstered in gorgeous colors that are offset by its eclectic shape, experiencing the front of this chair is like sinking into a visual and physical embrace. You can set it up as a single accent piece in your homes as shown in the sunroom/library in this image!

  1. Better in pairs

designer chair

If you’ve got a very stark or modernist space that can do with a bit of shapely contrast, then adding a pair of Pelican chairs is just the right thing to do. Their unique angles and stylish, free-flowing shapes would emulate the space with an artsy aura that’ll leech away the austerity and coldness of the rigid backdrop. The set-up featured in this image is an excellent example of this technique.

As you can see, the unique shape and contours of the Pelican chair are an art of their own and have the inherent ability to revolutionize any space no matter what angle they’re set up at.

Laura Ashley

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