Five Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Are you renovating your kitchen for the first time? Or have you moved into a new home and want a fresh new kitchen before you start a fresh new life? You probably know in your head what you want, but chances are that you are completely confused and have no clue on how to go about the huge task of remodeling the entire kitchen.

Well, here we have five types of cherry kitchen designs that will surely come to your help. So, let’s take a look at the most happening designs of the season.

1. Cherry cabinet with Granite

This is one of the most plush designs of the recent times. Cherry wood itself has a luxurious spark of its own. The rich red when combined with awesome granite, the combination oozes out a classic charm. For a mid-sized u-shaped eat in kitchen the cherry granite combination is an instant hit. For an added attraction, the same can be adorned with multicolored backsplash, medium tone hardwood floors and an island.

2. Customised Cherry Wood Cabinets

As the name suggests, the same can be customized as per the needs. So, you can just give it a special and personalized touch whenever you want. Customized cherry wood cabinets are pretty frequent in traditional and farmhouse kitchens, but it looks equally fabulous with stained wood in various styles. These days, customized cherry cabinets are widely popular in contemporary homes. For some added touch, use medium tone wood cabinets and soapstone countertops.

3. Red Wood Kitchen

This one is pretty contemporary yet sports a natural hickory floors with color depth cabinets. It comes with a nice level and for the sleek and smart décor, doll it up with undermount sink, medium tone wood cabinets, shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, ceramic backsplash, green backsplash and obviously stainless steel appliances or check this Cabinet buying guide.

4. Traditional Pal Alto

The design gets inspired from the traditional Pal Alto from San Francisco. It basically reflects utmost traditionalism with a farmhouse sink. Many say that the Pal Alto is a complete mismatch for the contemporary homes, but if you love doing mix and match, go for it!

5. Transitional galley kitchen

As the name suggests, the design drawn inspiration from Portland. The specialty is a farmhouse sink with stainless steel appliances. Cream walls, blue tiles with cherry cabinets look exceptionally beautiful, warm and welcoming. The wooden floors are pretty complementing. Some subtle light fixture will reveal charming vintage touches.

Cherry Kitchen cabinets are the biggest hit of the season. Be it for contemporary look or some vintage flavor, cherry tops are simply unparalleled. Mix and match it up keeping the color scheme of your house in mind.

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