The garage can be one of the most neglected parts of the home when it comes to floor improvement, which is why a homeowner like you might think that doing something to make the floor in this room prettier is just a waste of money.

After all, garage floors are constantly tracked with dirt, tools, and equipment get dragged over them, and everything from paint to oil to gardening chemicals can get spilled over them – so why improve them, right?

It’s important to remember, however, that the garage is still an important part of any home, and that in itself means that it deserves equal attention as, say, your kitchen and living room.

Exploring the Possibilities

Aside from providing a parking space for your car, the garage can also be used for other purposes, when properly prepared and designed. For instance, this can be transformed into your child’s study room, your workshop, or a venue for parties.

To make this happen, one of the first things you must do is to choose the right type of flooring – one that is easy to clean, safe, decorative and durable. And one of today’s best options is decorative epoxy coating.

Concrete epoxies are not like ordinary paint. Instead, these are a mixture of a polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. When these two substances combine, an exothermic reaction happens, and this results in a stunning appearance.

Read further to learn more about the benefits and maintenance tips of decorative epoxy coatings.

6 Benefits of Epoxy Coating

1. It is durable

One of the reasons why an epoxy coating is perfect for your garage floors is because it can withstand high traffic and heavy machinery. Also, it is tough against cracks, surface abrasions, chemicals, impacts, and stains. No need to worry about applying too much pressure or accidentally dropping your heavy tools.

2. It is stain- and moisture-resistant

Naturally, epoxy coatings are resistant to both stains and moisture. In fact, these are highly resistant to petrochemical spills, water and de-icing salts. If these contaminants are accidentally spilled on the floors, it can easily be cleaned with water and soap.

3. It boosts safety

Your garage can be full of safety hazards. A decorative epoxy coating can actually reduce such risks. For instance, this creates a surface that is resistant to inconsistencies, trips and slips, which is crucial if you have kids. In fact, adding slip-resistant compounds is possible to ensure a non-skid flooring.

4. It is easy to install

Depending on how spacious your garage is, setting up epoxy floors can easily be done in just a day. After installation, the floor can be used instantly.

5. It has excellent resurfacing quality

A decorative epoxy coating is an excellent choice if your current floor needs repair. Due to its self-leveling quality, it delivers an even finish that will cover up any damage or marks on your floorings.

6. It boasts of aesthetic appeal

Your home garage should not look dirty or smell awful. This is a part of your home, so making it clean, attractive and fresh-smelling will encourage the household to spend more time in it (and enjoy that time, too).

Because epoxy coatings are available in unlimited designs, you can easily personalize your garage with any color and pattern you prefer. You can also mix different patterns if you like, but make sure that it matches your overall home design.

4 Maintenance Tips

Methods for maintaining floors vary depending on the type of material you use. Remember that adequate care is crucial so that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. Decorative concrete suppliers share some ways to maintain your epoxy flooring below:

● Sweep it daily

Sweeping your floors daily will remove dust, dirt and small objects, so you can reduce safety risks. This simple maintenance tip can prolong the life of your epoxy floors.

A tip for preventing soil, snow, dirt and water from entering your garage is to place a mat by the entrance. This way, everyone who gets in can wipe their shoes off before they enter. In fact, you can also place a tire mat.

● Wash it weekly

Mopping your floors will keep the epoxy floors looking and performing great. It will eradicate debris that can’t be removed by a soft broom. If mopping isn’t sufficient, you can also use a floor scrubber.

● Wipe spills ASAP

Spills can damage your floor if you don’t wipe them up immediately because the chemicals they contain can have a negative reaction with the epoxy coating. This can also present a safety hazard. Thus, make sure to clean spills with a cloth or paper towel immediately.

And when it comes to treating spills and strains, you have to use the right cleaning material. The floor coating manufacturer can provide you with the right cleaning tips and techniques.

● Remove any sharp objects

Even if epoxy coatings are highly resistant to scratches and punctures, it is still important for you to keep any sharp objects away. This means refraining from rolling or sliding any rough and sharp items across the floor.

If your garage floors appear unappealing, now is the time to transform them. With all its impressive benefits, using a decorative epoxy coating is definitely a great choice. Make sure to regularly implement these four simple yet effective maintenance tips to prolong its life.

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