best spring home trends of 2021

In this post we will go over some exciting spring home trends of 2021.  Here you’ll learn all the hottest trends that are coming your way this spring, no matter where you are!

5 Home Trends to Watch This Spring

With corona virus having impacted our world so drastically, people are paying much closer attention to their homes and revamping their living space. Here we will discuss 5 amazing trends to be on the lookout for this spring.  Let’s get started!

TREND 1: A Hint of Luxury

A new, more livable type of luxury is something that we are setting our sights on this spring.  Luxurious accents made of rich fabrics and textures take our living spaces up a notch without having to add a huge price tag.

Materials such as marble, velvet and fur have a new meaning this spring and bring our space up a notch. With a hint of luxury in our home, we’ll feel happier and like royalty.

Here are some ways to add a hint of luxury to your space:

  • Display a luxurious fur or velour throw or pillows on the couch
  • Gold accents such as cabinet door handles add luxury
  • Consider velvet curtains in deep shades and unexpected places
  • ●       Crystal accents add luxury to the home

TREND 2: Bring the Outdoors In

Use of plants in the home and floral accents can lend to a more peaceful and serene space.  In addition, plant life can add vitality and give us something to care for and look after.

Consider bringing the outdoors in this spring and set your sights on the beautiful plants and floral arrangements that can add style and life to your home.

TREND 3: Statement Light Fixtures

Statement light fixtures are becoming even more important this spring.  Consider light fixtures in braided and knotted textiles or made of rope. That natural essence and mood these rope light fixtures create a contemporary splash to any home or living space.

TREND 4: A Pop of Vibrant Color

Consider using a pop of color throughout the home.  However, consider using that rich, deep purple shade you’ve never felt confident enough to use.

Deeper shades of more luxurious gem-tones are making a comeback.  So don’t be afraid to use them as they will add beauty to your space.

Here are some shades we love:

  • Bright lemon yellow
  • Deep luxurious purple shades
  • Cobalt blue
  • Gem tones

TREND 5: Diamond Pattern Flooring

Diamond Pattern Flooring is making a huge comeback this spring.  Consider your space to make it work in the right way.  With diamond pattern flooring, you can revitalize your home with a modern touch.  So don’t neglect diamond pattern flooring when considering which flooring type to choose.


The bottom line is that you can liven up any space with a few minimal changes such as these.  Adding a pop of color or luxurious fabric makes a huge difference and doesn’t cost a fortune. With the current state of the world, our home should be our sanctuary where we truly love and enjoy it.  We hope these spring home trends of 2021 will do just that for you.

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