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Automated CloakroomAt least once in life each person visited a theatre, circus, concert or another public event. They say theatre starts with a hanger and we get to know it starting from a cloakroom. And everyone remembers lines into a cloakroom. You must admit that it doesn’t give the best impression about performance. There are always a lot of people and there are lines before and after the performance. Cloakroom attendants are in a hurry to distribute items to visitors but it does not solve a problem. Or it helps when there is enough staff to serve.

Yes, each employee is a financial burden for each company. Moreover, if he is static the most of his working time and just waits the performance to finish.

Responsibilities of cloakroom staff do not demand high skills. And you always can easily hire more and more other people. But why do you need to pay an employee each time if you can only pay once just for one device that reduces workforce and speeds up retrieval process in a cloakroom?

In a century of nanotechnologies everything complicated becomes simple. It’s simple because only several mechanisms and cloakroom tokens with RFID chips speed up cloakroom operation in two times. It reduces workforce and occupied area as well.

Instead of standard hangers you have automated cloakroom that consists of: garment conveyors (single-tier, double-tier or even three – tier it depends on ceiling height in the rooms), a master controller, tokens reader and cloakroom tokens with RFID chips.

All these garment conveyors are rotating in any direction choosing the shortest path to a desired item. Each token with RFID chip corresponds to a number mentioned on hanger of a conveyor. All these data are preliminary encoded in memory storage of a master controller.Automatic Cloakroom

Therefore, a cloakroom attendant does not waste his time on searching and moving the items, he just stands near the counter and simultaneously operates several conveyors hardly placing tokens on a reader. This means you reduce costs on staff management and increase speed of service. When an attendant has no need to walk between the rows with coats, then the rows disappear as a result. They are not needed anymore.

The conveyors are placed adjacent to each other, therefore more items cam be located at the same area. And besides less staff is needed because several conveyors of automated cloakroom can operate simultaneously and retrieve several items.

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