Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Are you currently doing all you can to keep your house safe? Well, you no doubt have a wide range of handrails, smoke detectors and grab bars to ensure that your family is safe but are they enough to ensure that your home is safe? Since the number of property violations and burglaries are continuously increasing, it’s very important to observe the security your home. While it’s important to get a home insurance to protect your house from fire, theft, and other perils it’s also critical to keep your home safe from intruders.

Here are the top 7 major ways to keep your house safe.

1. Inspect your doors and windows

Although locking your doors or windows is important, this won’t scare away intruders. Based on the type of doors that you have, an intruder can still gain access to your house. Instead of installing a wooden door, you need to have a steel door since this is much harder to open.

You also need to inspect your old frames for wear and tear as this might compromise the safety of the door. Also, change your locks once you have completed renovations or taken possession of the door. The idea is to limit the number of people who have access to your house.

2. Keep valuables in less obvious places

Always remember that burglars want to get in and out your house very fast hence it’s very important to store your valuables in less obvious places. Typically, once they access your house, the bathroom and the master bedroom are usually the first places that they check for valuables. Make it hard for them by storing important things in less valuable places- not in the freezer or under the bed.

Ensure that your home is fireproof and heavy and bolted to the site. Otherwise, they might just carry it way with them. Also, ensure that the best gun safe for the money is also secure enough.

3. Secure important documents safely

If you have digital equipment you need to record their serial numbers and take their photos before storing them. If you have photos of something it’s always much eager to recover them when lost.
Always lock up your jump drives, bills, passwords, user IDs and passports in filing cabinets. You can then keep the key in another safe place in the house. By doing this, you will protect yourself from identity theft. Also, use a gun safe to safely keep the gun.

4. Think as if you are thief

Step outside and look through the window. Are you able to see the valuables in your house? If so then other people can also do the same. When going out, either move your valuables away from the windows or keep your blinds and curtains closed. Most people will always leave important things such as strollers and waggons unsecured thinking that nobody will steal them. Since some of these things are very costly, you need to lock them in the garage or bring them in.

5. Install window treatments and turn the lights on and off randomly when you are away

If someone can see what is inside your house it means they can monitor your activities thereby making it easy for them to steal your properties if they want to. It’s, therefore, very important to install the right window blinds to protect your house from thieves. You can also engage some people to turn the lights on and off when you are away to create the impression that you are around. You can even set timers to do this.

6. Inform your neighbours when you are away

It’s always advisable to inform a family member or a neighbour to keep a check on your house when you are away. If you already have someone to pick your newspaper or mail, tell them to keep an eye on any suspicious or unusual activities while you are away.

7. Put beware of dog sign

You may be thinking that nobody will be afraid of your little puppy? Well, putting this sign is to make people start imagining that you have a huge fierce dog behind those closed doors that’s going to tear them into pieces if they try to get in. Although a dog’s bark is a deterrent, even if you do not own one you can still put this sign to scare away intruders. This simple threat might be enough to make the thief think twice before getting into your home/house.

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