4 Things to Remember When Turning a Small Bedroom into a Sleep Oasis

Having a small space for a bedroom is not an inconvenience. It’s an opportunity for great design. And if you do it right, it could even improve your sleep while staying within a reasonable budget.

Also, compared to decorating a large bedroom, working with a smaller bedroom is not only cheaper, it also caters to the human need for snug, cozy spaces for sleep.

What’s the first thing to consider when you’re creating a sleep oasis out of a small space?

#1 Keep Your Color Scheme Simple

painters and interior decorators

Remember: you’re not decorating a bar or a high-end clothing store.

While it can be tempting to create an exciting space that screams out your personality, that’s not exactly what your bedroom is for. Your bedroom is primarily for relaxation and sleep.

And if you still want to keep things interesting, there are ways to instill a lot of personality into a small space without going visually overboard.
Use a single neutral color (like blue) accented by 1 to 2 bolder colors (like yellow and red) – it’s a rule of thumb that’s often used by impressionist painters and interior decorators alike.

The combination is enough to provide an interesting visual dynamic without being too engaging as to deviate from your bedroom’s primary purpose: to get you to sleep.

#2 Minimize Clutter with Shelves and other Smart Storage Options

Shelves Smart Storage

Let unnecessary clutter go and organize what remains. Decluttering your bedroom won’t just make it seem bigger; scientific studies have found that decreasing visual clutter can actually help you sleep better.

Multiple shelves provide a great way to store all sorts of items without taking up any valuable floor real estate.

Use cabinets, drawers, under-the-bed storage, and dressers to hide any unsightly clutter.

#3 Keep the Middle Spaces Open and Foot-Traffic Friendly

Small Bedroom Sleep Oasis

The middle of the bedroom should be a free-flowing space that allows you to walk anywhere in the room with minimum obstruction.

Push everything to the side, opt for a smaller and simpler bed and bed frame, and make the most out of your walls to get more empty floor space.

#4 Separate the Work/Play Area from the Sleeping Area

home office or gaming room ideas

Some people also use their bedroom as a home office or gaming room. It’s a good way to save space at home, but it also weakens your mind’s association with the bedroom as a place for sleep.

If you have no choice but to work in the bedroom, you should at least not take your work to bed.

Don’t use your bed as your work chair.

Find a way to separate your sleeping area from your work/gaming area.

BONUS TIP #5: Get Your Hands Dirty and D-I-Y

Considering getting into woodworking and carpentry? This is your time to shine!

Youtube alone is full of detailed tutorials that can teach you how to make all kinds of smart storage solutions for maximizing limited space.

If you have the tools (and the know-how), you can customize every inch of available space in your bedroom, allowing you to find clever and practical solutions to your space problems.

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