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When it comes to the roofs, a hip roof is something that pops right up in our heads. A hip roof is a very common roof type that we get to see almost everywhere. There are 4 to 5 houses with hip roofs in just one lane, so it makes this roofing style the classical one. There still are people who would a classic hip roof for their new house not just because of its looks, but also because of the advantages that it offers.

Just so you know, there are different types of hip roofs that you can choose for your new home. Each type is different from the other. For a hip roof, you can choose any roofing material as hip roofs are strong and are ideal if exposed to harsh weather conditions. A hip roof will surely offer other benefits as well if build properly. You need to find the best roofing contractors Canton Michigan so you can get your hip roof installed.

Now, here are some different types of hip roofs and their advantages so you can choose the best one for your dream home.

1.       Simple Hip Roof

So, the most common type of hip roof is the simple one. It is the hip roof type where the two sides are polygon-shaped and the two are triangular, they slide downward and have a slight peak at the center of the house. This hip roofing style is the most durable. You can choose any roofing material for your simple hip roof, but clay/ concrete or metal tiles will give it a traditional look.

The advantage of a hip roof is that it has a natural water drainage system. You will never face water or snowfall build- up on your roof.

2.       Half Hip Roof

Half Hipped Roof is another type of hip roof. It is also known as Jerkinhead roof.  In this hip roof type, two sides of your roof will be equal but the other two sides will be short that will create the eaves of the roof. In this roofing style, you can easily add a dormer window to create extra space in your house. Hip Roofs are suitable in any climate; they can survive high winds and heavy rains.

3.       Pyramid Hip Roof

Like the name, pyramid hip roof is shaped exactly like a pyramid. This roof has four equal sides that meet at a point, creating a slight pitch on the top. Pyramid roof have excellent drainage capabilities, so you won’t have to worry about water staying on your roof, which may cause additional problems. Also, pyramid roof is one of the most durable roof styles; they are strong and won’t need any maintenance for decades.

4.       Dutch Gable Hip Roof

Last but not the least, is the Dutch gable hip roof. It is named as a gable roof because you can see gable roof partially. You should opt for this hipped roofing style if you want more internal space. Also, Dutch gable roof is not so common; you can have an attractive and unique roof too.

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