Where Should We Use Deadbolt Locks?

Whether it is our office or home or any personal property, the only thing that keeps it safe from burglars when we are not present in the premise is the lock. The lock is the most important part of the security in place. While it is true that no lock is perfect, the more complex the lock the harder it is to break it. This makes it more difficult for the burglar to gain entry into the property. If we look at the most secure locks available currently, the only answer is the deadbolt locks. However, it is not possible to provide a deadbolt lock for every room or every part of the property we are trying to make secure; it is highly costly and also impractical since every time one will have to open the door there will be need to unlock it.

Where to put the deadbolt locks

The first and foremost place to use a deadbolt is at the main entrance of the property. Deadbolts should also be placed to secure every entry and exit from a property. There are many homes with back entrance; the deadbolt should compulsorily be placed at those entrances.

After the basic entrances are secured, one must secure the entrances from the top of the building. The rooftop entrances and the terrace entrances are the next points to be secured.

In case of an office the room containing important official documents and the room having the cash safe must be secured with the deadbolt lock in place.

Types of deadbolt lock

Deadbolt locks come in a variety of types:

> Single Cylinder locks are the most basic form deadbolt which needs a key to be locked and unlocked from one end only. The other end has a circular latch that allows unlocking and locking.

> Double Cylinder deadbolts are slightly more complex and needs key to be locked and unlocked from both ends.

> Keyless Deadbolts are latest entry where keypad or biometric scan is needed to unlock.


We are Madison MS locksmith and suggest that the deadbolt locks are the best bet when it comes to basic home and office security.

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