What is a Water Ionizer and How does it Work?

A water ionizer is an electric-powered appliance that is usually attached to a standard faucet. The device first filters the water, then ionizes the water by passing it through charged electrodes.

Alkaline water and acidic water are both produced at the same time by the water ionizer. More can be learned about the ionization process, which is also known as electrolysis, on this page: Benefits of Ionized Water.

While acidic water has many valuable uses, it is the alkaline water that we want to consume for better health and longevity. Make your home a healthy space by having the right pH alkaline water.

What is pH and what does it measure?

The term “pH” stands for the “power of hydrogen.” The “H” is capitalized in the standard abbreviation, as it represents the chemical symbol for the hydrogen element.

PH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The scale ranges from 1 (very acidic) to
14 (very alkaline.) The pH scale is a logarithmic scale, meaning that water with a pH of 8 is 10 times more alkaline than 7 pH, neutral, water. Water measuring pH 9 is 100 times more alkaline than neutral water, etc.

PH is easy to measure with test strips, and I offer free pH test kits so that you can easily measure the pH of anything from the soda you drink to your own saliva. I even include instructions that discuss how and what to measure! Request a free pH kit now.

What is ORP and why does it matter?

“ORP” stands for “Oxidation Reduction Potential,” and in simple terms means “antioxidants”. ORP is a measurement of whether a solution (in this case, water) has a tendency to either donate or take electrons from other solutions.

For our purposes, a negative ORP is very good. Alkaline Water Ionizers can produce water with high negative ORP. This high levels of natural antioxidants in alkaline ionized water has important health considerations.

Which water ionizer is best?

I’ve tested and studied most of the water ionizers myself, and my reviews and data are based on first-hand observation and testing. I also offer many water ionizer comparison videos in my blog. Decide which water ionizer features are most important to you, then use the above chart to make your comparisons and final decision. The Alkaline Water Plus water ionizer comparison chart will help you compare the important water ionizer features at a glance, and is more accurate and detailed than any other review site you will find.

If you have any questions about the water ionizer comparison chart or need assistance in any way with your water ionizer purchase or questions, you are always welcome to call my expert staff directly at 1-888-MY-ALKALINE [1-888-692-5525].

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