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Improving your home’s security should be every homeowner’s concern. This is an essential aspect to home ownership. Having good home security ensures that your property and family are safe at all times from burglars and whatnot. Every 15 minutes, a house gets broken in by burglars in the US. This makes security a priority.

Here are tips to improve and upgrade both your home and garage security without breaking the bank:

Top Three Home Security Tips

Keeping your home secure should be your priority. If you still don’t have a solid home security, follow these tips in building good home security:

  1. Install a home security system. This is the first step in having a dependable home security. This is the best form of home protection. A home security system will inform authorities and warn you of potential dangers. When an alarm goes off, it would usually mean that there’s an intruder in your home.
  2. Change the locks. If you’ve moved into a new home, it is mandatory to change the locks. You don’t know who has access to the keys before you moved in. So, replace all the locks in your new home. You should also do this if you’ve lost the keys to your home.
  3. Make your house look occupied all the time. Home automation is no longer a buzzword as more homes are having this installed. Digital light timers have made it easier for home owners to set their devices to turn on at certain times during the days. This confuses people from the outside and makes them think someone is at home. It can keep off burglars. This feature is useful especially if you’re away and on holiday.
  4. Cheap Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Garage System
    Apart from your home, the next thing you should focus on is your garage. Oftentimes, this is the place where expensive items are stored like your vehicles, sports equipment, garden equipment and other accessories. So, it is also essential to keep this secure.Home-Security-System

Here are inexpensive ideas to upgrade your garage security systems:

1. Cover windows. If your garage has a window, chances are burglars can easily go window shopping at its content. Keep prying eyes away by covering your windows. You can use blinds or curtains just to keep it hidden away from people who have ulterior interest. This is a cheap way to keep your garage secure.

2. Install deadbolt locks. You may have not figured it out, but your garage can also serve as an access point to the rest of your home. Instead of just having a regular lock on the interior door, you might want to add a deadbolt lock to reinforce it. You can also do this if you have another access point on your ceiling, just to keep them out of your home.

3. Light up the garage door. Do not underestimate the power of lighting. Just like having the interior lights automated, you should do the same thing for your garage. A well-lit home will keep out burglars. Nobody wants to see their face seen. An unfamiliar face lurking outside of your garage door will also cue your neighbors that something might be up.RFID Security Locks

4. Invest in motion sensors. This extra security feature is inexpensive and won’t make you broke. An infrared detector will automatically light up when something crosses it. This makes burglars in easy view when they come close to your garage.

5. Always lock up the garage door. This is a very simple tip when it comes to beefing up your garage security. Many homeowners tend to forget to close their garage door, especially when they’re in a hurry. A timer-to-close feature might be a good investment for forgetful homeowners. This ensures that your door is locked whenever you leave your home. Prime Design Build can help you build a designer and secure home as per your requirements.

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