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Living room is the center of every home.

Whenever you have guests, they will judge your house based on its cleanliness, design and overall feeling they have while being in this room. This is why you should do everything in your power to make a nice impression.

However, changing up your living room is not only important because of your guests; it is something you should do for yourself. There are some minor adjustments that you can make and which can have a major impact on the design.

Check them out and see if any one of them fits for your home!

1. Removing paintings

Whenever we talk about walls, we usually focus on paintings.

Historically, this was a common ornament for walls all over the world. As the times changed, so did our taste. Having paintings can come off as tacky and even arrogant. Instead, people opt to decorate their walls with some other items.

Among the most popular wall decoration it is necessary to mention photos, posters and mirrors. Basically, each one of them gives a different impression and can fit different design. Nevertheless, there is one thing in common for all of them: they fit perfectly for modern homes.

So, next time you decide to get a Hollywood mirror (check out the collection at hollywood mirrors), you should definitely consider using it as an ornament.

Living room with air conditioner

2. Adding persona

According to modern interior design, minimalism is one of the best things that happened to modern homes. But, although this approach makes your living room look clean it also takes away from its persona.
As a way to restore its previous charm, you need to consider adding small items.

What do I mean when I say small items? Well, practically anything.

A lot of people like collecting souvenirs from their trips and using them as ornaments. Book shelves are another great addition (when filled with books of course) that gives fullness to your living room. If these two options don’t work for you, you can always get small pottery items.

3. Rethink your drapes

Drapes are not as popular as they were some 30 years ago.
Nowadays, according to minimalistic views, people are opting for some other stuff and forgetting these seemingly cool ornaments. However, that doesn’t mean that drapes will not have resurgence.


Basically, drapes may seem a bit retro but they fit perfectly for certain homes. The fact that they are no longer as popular makes them much more valuable. In times where everything is the same, take a chance and be different.
Not only that! Drapes also restore mystery to your home. If you wish to try your living room with them, they are rather easy to install and cheap. Even if you don’t like them, you can easily remove them.

As everything else, certain things always come back to trend.

Instead of waiting for other to make a move and copy it, why don’t you take a chance and use some ideas that are unique or retro.

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