How to Make the Most of Small Spaces?

If you are trying to decorate a small space, make the most of it with these top tips.

Small apartments are no less worthy of interior decoration than larger apartments are. When it comes to finding the best fit for your small bedroom, kitchen, or other living space, you could do worse than to follow the guidelines outlined below. We want to help you make the most of your small space, so that you can have a dream home, even if it’s not as big as you might like.

One of the basic tips of interior design is to work with what we have got. Besides this golden rule, let’s investigate what we can do to make your smaller apartment pop.

Tips for Interior Decoration of Small Spaces

Here is some of the best industry expert advice on managing interior design in your small home.

1. Think About Flooring

Flooring can lighten or darken a room, thereby making it appear longer, shorter, lighter, or darker. Deep mahogany, black, and oak colored laminate or engineered wooden floors will change the look of the whole room. To make a floor give the impression of added space, consider sectioning it off to two separate flooring types in one space. This is a great way of highlighting a dining room table space, for example.

Long floorboard will add to the illusion of space. Try lighter flooring types too if you want to add to the illusion of space.

2. Have you Tried Painting it Black?

This is an interesting concept, but the tactful use of a deep black paint can be used to add depth, hide features you would rather disguise, and give the impression of endless space. Black paint is best used in small portions, in areas where added darkness makes the room seem endless. You can visit the Chichocka website for more information on how to use a black wall effectively.

3. Consider your Doors

Which types of doors are you using? Are you on the ground floor with a garden area? If so, opening into the garden space will allow you to use it as an extra room on clement days. A sturdy set of light and breezy feeling sliding doors will do the trick. Patio doors that slide aside allow maximum light and extra efficiency of that normally forgotten garden space. You could even add a utility room out there, a studio or a shed which will increase square yardage.

4. Double up on Purpose

If you can find furniture that adds to your space, instead of detracting from it, this could amp up how much floor space you have left over. A bed that folds into the wall is the most basic example of this, but there are plenty of others. People who live on barges tend to use the ceiling space as storage. Small homes have mezzanine areas where your bed goes above the room, therefore freeing up that flooring. Tables that fold into the wall, cupboards that make up box seating areas, and even flat screen TVs can make this better.

5. Use Mirrors

Mirrors can be placed flat onto the wall and make your space seem endless. A mirrored wardrobe will combine the need for a clothing storage space with a set of sliding mirror doors that add space to the room. Glass has a similar effect, but mirrors reflect light back into the room, which is the key to their effect. Use larger mirrors for smaller rooms, and smaller mirrors in larger spaces. A few strategically placed, interesting, shaped mirrors can even be features, instead of artwork which might clutter up the space.

6. Minimize, Minimize, Minimize

Getting rid of some of your clutter can really help to improve the layout of your space. Minimalist apartments and homes always appear larger on the inside than those whose every surface is cluttered with ornaments. Downsize your possessions if you want to do justice to your small space.

A good way to help you get rid of that clutter is to simply have no surfaces to put it on. This goes back to the dual-purpose furniture we mentioned earlier. If you have a fold away table, you are not going to clutter it up with junk when it is in the wall. This is a simple trick that could imperceptibly change the way your small space works, for good.

Small Spaces Deserve Interior Design Too

The moral of this story is that a small space should not lose any of its worth just for its size. It is not the size that matters, but what you do with it that counts. Or so they say.

Take a look at the following info graphic to understand the importance of interior designing of small spaces.


Infographic provided by Downtown Apartment Company, a provider of lakeshore east apartments.

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