How To Make Gated Community Secure For Kids In India?

In order to think of how to make the community a secure place for your kid, you need to understand the vulnerabilities and the problem areas. Gated communities can be secure enough for your kid by using the right technology and tools.  I’ve listed a few possibilities of making a gated community a secure place for kids.

1. Security Cameras:

Install security cameras in the whole community, mainly the areas which are isolated most of the time. You can also use pole camera surveillance, where the whole community can be covered by a single camera. Identify the poles which cover the maximum area of the community and fix the security cameras. This way your kid is being monitored wherever he/she is.

2. Supervisor:

Make sure at least one parent is along the kids near the play area. The parent can actually monitor the kid and be cautious of the things that can happen. And it’s especially needed during the odd hours. This way you know that your kid is always monitored by one adult.

3. Monitor Visitors:

You need to keep a track of all the visitors who are entering the premises, who is entering your flat, who is interacting with your child. The conventional method of using paper and pen is no more effective. Instead, many communities have now updated to a visitor management software like MyGate which helps track and manage the entry/exit of the visitors. So whenever there is a visitor at the gate, the homeowner and his family members residing in that flat get notified and are requested to accept/deny the entry. This feature lets you know who is entering the house and interacting with your kid.

4. Monitor Workers:

Apart from tracking the visitors, monitoring the staff or household workers is also important. Sometimes they end up staying back in the premises and the owner is not notified, to avoid such cases it is always important to track your workers too. Use a separate device or software which keeps track of the entry/exit of the workers.

5. Monitor Kids:

Without the notice of the guard or supervisor, the kid may sometimes leave the premises which is actually dangerous. Instead, with the help of technology use an application which notifies you about the entry/exits of your kid within the community. You will be time-time updated about the movements of your kid.

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