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Trees are something we admire, but rarely think of what would happen if a tree got sick or started to rot. Could we tell? Most times the untrained eye can’t tell and don’t understand the warning signs until it’s really evident. 

In that case call a nearby tree removal expert say if you’re in South Jersey then call a local tree removal service south jersey.

The reason why most people can’t tell a diseased tree from a healthy one or you don’t see tree removal in number, taken from a residential area is because most people have at least a lawn service or landscaper that takes care of the basic tree maintenance. In the wild, trees can die in place without doing any property damage. They create a space for birds to nest and all sorts of creatures to find food.

On occasion, people with property that have a good stand of trees will have to call an arborist to confirm that a tree or trees are diseased. This can cost a lot of money and if it’s not priority, the tree may fall and cause property damage or injury to a person. Tree care can prevent disease and decay and a tree service should be called to inspect the stand of trees you have.

Signs of Tree Disease and Decay:

  • Are there vertical cracks? So, cracks that are headed up and downward that will eventually split the tree in half? Dead stubs from branches? Old tree wounds? These are signs that the tree is rotting on the inside. If the tree is over 50% decayed, you may not be able to save it. If there’s a wound or wounds that take up less than a quarter of the tree trunk circumference, then you may be able to heal it over a long period of time but you’ll have to have it maintained by an arborist or certified tree expert.
  • What you can’t see can hurt you. If one third of the tree is hollow internally then it should probably be removed if falling presents any danger to people.
  • Large dead branches are a sign. If an older tree has large, dead branches then the tree wasn’t treated young enough. If they lose their tops or a quarter of the branches or more are damaged then a snowball effect takes place leading to a felled tree.
  • Are here dead branches on only one side of the tree? Then there could be root and internal trunk damage. They may not have to be removed but should be professionally evaluated.
  • Are the trees growing sprouts from the base of the tree? This means the tree has experienced some kind of trauma. Has there been construction? Are they over exposed to sunlight? This may not be a cause for tree removal as yet and the quicker an evaluation takes place, the better so you can save your favorite tree. Another sign to look for at the same time are small branches coming from the trunk.
  • There’s a fungus among us! Yes, we see this often and the appearance of mushrooms or other fungi doesn’t necessarily mean tree removal is imminent but should be evaluated as soon as possible.
  • Root system damage is another essential for detecting whether or not a tree service needs to remove a tree. How to know? Have you done any construction or anything to the ground beneath the tree that could have caused damage?  A health check to be sure is warranted because if at least half of the root system is damaged it’s time to let it go.
  • Has the tree ever been “Topped” in its history. This is an archaic practice that no company or landscaper should be doing. It will cause an effect for years to come so having a tree service look at it and diagnose if there are early issues so the tree can be corrected and saved.

These are all the most common tree care issues but there are some bonus tips to consider that we’ll let you in on.

Survey your property closely, are there other trees whose health may benefit from an older tree that’s rotting being removed? Is the location of the tree a nuisance that may cause you issues with people, the city or even your own property? If the tree is losing its large branches it may be time to replace it. Lastly, are you attached to the tree for memories sake? Is it of historical value? If the answer is yes to either, then you can justify going the extra mile to save it. There are so many facets to trees. The points in this article are many, but only scratch the tip of the iceberg. The most important thing you can do for your trees is to call a licensed and certified tree service to handle all your tree removal and tree care.

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