Shout out to all the green thumbs out there! It’s time for spring tree care! As Victorians, we are renowned for being the Garden State and therefore we should take pride in looking after our trees and gardens!

Maintaining our gardens and trees not only make our yards look clean, cut and fresh; taking care of our trees in the warmer months is still just as important as tree maintenance in the colder months. As the warmer weather approaches there’s no excuse for not getting out in the yard and tending to your trees!

In Spring, everything is in natural bloom already and most trees and plants are at the peak growth periods, but just because this is a natural process, this doesn’t mean that we don’t need to manually take care and nourish our trees ourselves all throughout Spring.

Applying tree treatments and executing tips and tricks on how to maintain your garden all throughout Spring from professional tree care services, will provide your trees with extra nutrients to continue to grow and flourish and have a stronger regrowth process in any weather condition.

It is imperative that you take the necessary measures to look after your trees as best possible all throughout Spring so they are better prepared to take on the hotter months as Summer beams around the corner!

There are many ways that you can look after your trees all throughout Spring to help your trees achieve their full potential!

  • Clean-up! Before you commence working with your trees one on one, it is important to rake around your trees, grassy areas and the soil where your tree is planted. Any left-over leaves or shrubs could cause weeds and other issues around your tree making it difficult to tend to.
  • As we’ve just rolled out of the colder months, so have your trees! You trees have been exposed to the cold, rain and extreme weather conditions and may have damage to leaves and branches that may need urgent care and treatment. You should consult a professional tree care services team for all the advice necessary to protect and care for any damaged trees so that during Spring you trees have every chance to reach their full potential.A pruning saw
  • Prune! Prune your trees in Spring by removing dead leaves and branches to allow for other leaves to leaf and have room to grow and flourish.
  • Much ado about mulch! Mulching your garden in Spring will ensure better hydration and moisture retention as well as minimising the growth of weeds around your trees! Applying a layer of mulch around the bottom of your tree will assist with its growth and nourishment as it absorbs moisture and heat!
  • Fertilise your trees: Fertiliser must be used in small doses and not as regularly. The fertiliser process can be done annually (every Spring) and this can be done to ensure that your trees are protected from any nasties that can stem from insects and offers protection against diseases that can be harmful to your tree and its growth!
  • Water! Encourage regular hydration with watering your trees throughout spring, once or twice a week, depending on the landscape of your garden. Watering your trees will ensure better tree root development and tree growth as the soil has loosened in the warmer months of Spring, and can, therefore, absorb water and nutrition much easier.
  • Add better soil! If you are caring for a younger tree that is still developing there is no better time than to boost its growth than in Spring! Choosing to fill the young tree’s hole with newer and higher quality soil will promote better and stronger growth for your young tree!tree pruning services in Campbelltown
  • Let your trees catch some rays! Natural sunlight is always beneficial for your trees, natural sunlight will give your trees the natural nutrients it needs to grow and flourish to its full potential.
  • Check for nasties! Don’t forget to check your trees for any harmful insects or diseases that may be eating away at the leaves and branches. Seek professional advice to know how to best tackle any potential threats to your trees!
  • Remove the nasties: Remove any mites or spiders with your garden hose water, however, if you believe that the issue is sinister and it impacts your tree growth, Consults and gets in contact with professional tree care services and experts to provide you with a necessary treatment plan.
  • Take action! Keep following all of these steps throughout Spring and reap the benefits of having beautiful and well looked after trees and garden!

It is important to maintain healthy trees and garden all year long. However, in Spring, there are many benefits to tending to your trees and garden more than any other month. In Spring, most trees and plants are in a natural bloom cycle and caring for them and assessing them as Spring approaches and seeking a professional opinion if needed, will ensure that your trees are at their healthiest and are given the chance to reach their full and flourished potential!

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