How to Install Rope And Flexible LED Strip Lights On Your Deck Or Dock?

Installation of LED strip lighting on your deck will enhance the level of beauty in no time. If you are planning to do something unique, add led lights to your deck. That will be reasonable to purchase it whenever you like. Most people don’t believe in the duration of led lights because they have never installed them in their places.

In addition to it, someone’s negative reviews made them against it. That is why it is always suggested to go for a public review on the internet. It will help you a lot to decide whether you should purchase it or not. Let’s see how you can install LED strip lighting on your deck.

Now, without any further delay, let us start with the amazing specifications!

1. Ingredients

Firstly, grab the necessary tools to install the lights within minutes. You will require to buy scissors, a towel, wires, a ruler, and a connector.

2. Measurement

Now, as the second step, measure the entire size of your led strip lights. It will absolutely help you to install it according to the size of your deck. If you think that it needs proper wire cutting, do not cut it more than an inch. It will seem long enough to you, but trustfully it will easily plug in the wires of the connectivity.

3. Positive and Negative Signs

When you will remove the outer layer of wiring, you will notice three different colors of wires assembled in a loop. Precisely, cut the edges. Yet, you will be careful that it does not mix up the arrangement of wiring. Be gentle while connecting it to the main supply. While the performance, make sure to wear protective gloves and prevent touching the wires directly. Never try to pull the wire with a force. It will ruin the entire connection to illuminate a super brightness.

4. Plate Protection

You will notice the two sides of the wiring which are black and red. Now, connect the black wire to the locking plate. Make sure to have a secure and safe connection. After that, connect the terminals of the battery to the available connector. If you have purchased a LED light strip, the packaging must have provided you a connector. Try to use that connector because every model of lights varies with a different connector. In addition to it, it will be hard to find it out from the market. If you have luckily found it, there is more chance of expense.

5. Connecting To the Power

It is due time to connect the wiring part to the main power supply. First of all, check the upcoming watts from the main supply. It will guide you to adjust the wire’s connectivity with efficiency. When it is ready to install lights to as socket, mark the negative and positive marks on the lights. Now, connect those marks with the negative and positive terminal to the supply. Make sure to check the electrical flow of the power supply towards the bulb.

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