How to Get the Move Value Out of Your Basement

Basements have been regular fixtures on houses dating back millennia. The idea of having some storage place, like a cellar, was, in fact, a necessity before the days of proper storage and refrigeration. Though only recently have we come to understand that we can get a whole lot of value out of our basement spaces, if only we take a little bit of time to develop them. This is definitely something that’s starting to increase in regularity, and more and more contracting companies pop up offering their services, and as more types of technology and products show up on the market that we want in our homes yet can’t always find room on the main floors.

Basement development is a great way to add a lot of usable space and value to your home. However, there are many people out there who are a little bit cautious when it comes to developing their basement. Is this actually a project that you should go through with? Here are some different things that you can do with your basement to get a whole lot of value out of the space. You can make your own choice after reading about the value added by development.

Ways to Make Your Basement More Useful and Valuable

Turn it Into a Theatre

One of the coolest things you can do with your basement space to get maximum value is to create a home theatre with it. There are all sorts of smart technologies, and different theatre kits you can purchase that will transform your space into a legitimate miniature movie theatre. This is great for watching movies with the family, entertaining during parties, and having people over to watch big sporting events. You are completely out of the way of your main living space and are instead tucked away in a basement, with a very cool theatre that will be the envy of everyone. This adds a ton of value to your home.

Turn it Into an Extra Bedroom

Another way to get a lot of value out of basement development is to create another room down there. You can really get creative here and go for something like a nursery, a playroom for the kids, or just an extra bedroom. A lot of basements already have bathroom rough-ins since they handle plumbing items like washers and water heaters, so it’s very easy to put a bathroom down there. A lot of people have very large basements and decide that this space is suitable for the master bedroom/bathroom combo that so many want but don’t have upstairs. An extra room can be what you need to provide more value.

Turn it Into an Apartment

Sticking with the plumbing theme, you can actually transform your basement into its own apartment. You can put in the bathroom, a washer/dryer space, and even a kitchen and turn it into an apartment. Many people are seeking extra income by doing this and renting it out, though what’s also becoming more common now that college kids have cancelled classes is for the kids to stay home in the basement apartment. This adds value not only by having your children closer, but they’re also staying in the house so you won’t have to shell out money for their apartments and dorms.

Turn it Into an In-Law Suite

If you wanted to go the apartment route, you can also make use of it by turning it into an in-law suite. The cool thing about doing this is that it gives you a living space any time that the in-laws aren’t there. This is something you could ultimately use for a bedroom, a game room, and much more.

Turn it Into a Man Cave

Another way that you can introduce great value is to create a man cave. Getting a big television, a stereo system, perhaps things like a pool table and arcade games, you can really stack up here and make a great man cave that’s like an escape away from the regular living space.

Developing your basement is a great way to add a ton of value. Just remember to go with a quality contractor when you make this decision.

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