Home Improvements – the Good the Bad and the Hungry

It is said that one of the most stressful experiences in life is moving home.  For everyone who has gone through this process, I’m sure this is something we can all relate to.  But, if you have gone through this experience, we also know there’s an experience far worse – shopping for home improvements!

Without mentioning the name of a particular Scandinavian home interior retailer, for those who have had the “privilege” of visiting the flat-pack paradise, we know the novelty of trawling through 2-3 floors of furniture can ultimately take its toll.  What starts off with an eye-opening, jaw-dropping start ends up with a degree of comfort eating meatballs, or if you’re a vegetarian like me, a Quorn hotdog.home improvement

Yes, there’s a reason why everyone mentions the food more than the furniture – we’re trying to hide the horrible and tiring walking we have to do which lasts 2-3 hours at any given visit.  One thing for certain, finding ideas for the home can be a slow, laborious and yes painful experience.

But it really doesn’t need to be.  Surely all we need to do is get some experts in the field of home interiors to share their work with individuals looking to spruce up their homes.  A sort of match-making service which links influencers with those seeking influence.  After all, we may like the meatballs but we might not like the decor on offer and worse still we’re now stuck in a one-way stampede which can only end with the checkout till.

So speed and great designs with an option to contact the expert on how you can buy the products or better yet ask the expert to do it for you.  It might end up costing slightly more than flat-pack and meatbavll meal however what’s the cost attached to our valuable time?  What could we rather be doing if we weren’t trapped in a 3-hour black hole (multiply by the number of times it takes to get the room right)?

Your time is valuable and that’s why you need to use HomR – a revolutionary new way to find great ideas for your home.  It’s free to use the app and you can literally browse great, exclusively sourced home ideas in a matter of seconds, in the palm of your hand.  What’s more, it’s actually fun to use, particularly if you love swiping.  Swipe left to move on from an idea and right to unlock features such as contacting the influencer directly.

Honestly, your meatball nightmare is about to end! Download the FREE app now for iOs or Android – www.homr.mobi

Jawad Bhatti

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