Five Steps to Choosing the Right Electrician

Domestic, Commercial or Industrial, it goes without saying that when you need electrical work carrying out, you should always opt for an experienced and reputable electrician to get the job done properly. As with all industries, there are general all rounders and there are specialist providers, so the scope of your work isn’t necessarily going to be suited to certain types of electricians. Combined with finding the right person for the job is choosing someone who can also carry out the work to a reasonable budget. So the next time you need an electrician Bardon residents should remember the five following points to consider before choosing a supplier.

First of all are they qualified, and do they operate as a certified electrician?

Qualified electricians must have both the right level of qualifications and be certified by their local council as a legal operator. Simply requesting to see the electrician’s certifications and legal paperwork prior to engaging their services is usually sufficient. Experienced electricians should of course have all of the necessary qualifications. Often the operators that aren’t fully ‘legitimate’ will offer more attractive prices, primarily because they can undercut qualified operators by avoiding overheads for insurance and certification. However, there is no comeback with these people, and sadly they often carry out poor work then vanish from the scene when things go wrong.

Above all else choosing a certified operator is great value for money.

Secondly, how much experience do they have?

We live in the age of social media and it’s now very easy to get a snapshot of any business reputation by visiting their Google My Business profile and checking out their reviews, so do it.

Something else to be wary of is the selection of a supposedly reputable and established electrical business who send out their least experienced team members to do the work. It goes without saying that the more experienced the electrician is, then the more likely they will be able to tackle any problems that they come across during your job. Being able to tackle problems as they are presented means minimal time on the job, which equates to being on budget.

Also worthy of note is that the more experienced they are, then as a general rule the better the quality of work that you should receive.

Besides checking for qualifications and permits among other credentials from an electrician, it is crucial to work with an experienced professional. Hiring inexperienced electricians can have many disadvantages for you. A highly experienced, skilled and well-trained electrician, on the other hand, will ensure that you receive quality work and service.

Professionalism should reassure clients who need electrical work carrying out.

If you get the chance to meet with, or maybe just discuss on the phone with the person who will be doing your electrical work then it should be possible to determine how professional they are by reviewing their attitude, their ability to listen and communicated, and of course other factors such as courtesy, appearance and integrity.

Compare quotes to make sure you’re getting fair pricing.

Detailing your requirement and then approaching two or three business in and around the Bardon area should give you a benchmark for affordability. Being able to compare estimates will enable an informed decision, and it should also uncover any unexpected costs such as call-out charges or emergency fees.

Don’t take risks with insurance cover.

Above all else a professional electrician must be covered by insurance. The repercussions of faulty electrical work can be devastating, and worryingly the implications can result significant financial impact. Always ensure that any electrician that you hire is fully licensed and insured. This will eliminate your liability if something goes wrong and ensure that you can rely on their insurance cover.

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