tips for working from home

Covid-19 has made working from home the norm for 2020. Working from home can be more productive until you allow the surrounding environment to distract you from your end goal.

Does the fridge call your name for an hourly breakfast?
Neighbourhood kids building a noisy spaceship to the moon?  
Pets acting all cute, wanting your constant affection?

Want to stay focused while using your time productively for work and leisure? We unpack valuable tips that you can use to succeed at your new and extended working conditions.

Tips for Working form Home

1. Create your own routine and structure

While you might be tempted to just ‘wing it’ every day, long term this will have a negative impact and inevitably things will derail. Getting an early start together with structured breaks will go a long way to keeping you focused on the task at hand. Make use of your time wisely by restricting your phone usage and completing tasks before taking breaks to stretch your legs.

how to succeed at working from home
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2. Set an alarm to close up shop

Working from home can blur the lines between work and leisure, this is why it’s important to create clear boundaries between your home life and work life. Not only does this affect your family but it can also lead to burn out if you’re constantly working without clear breaks signaling the end of each day.

You can either decide on set hours or create a schedule week by week to accommodate your needs. Set reminders on your phone and stick to the schedule no matter what.

3. Create a productive work-space

Create a set space in your house to be your work area. Make sure that your work-space is comfortable, structured and productive. Invest in functional and essential furniture such as a desk, office supplies and an ergonomic office chair. These items will go a long way towards keeping you on the right track.

4. Use a planner

Keep track of all deadlines, appointments, and meetings by using a planner. Being organized will reduce stress and increase productivity as you work through your tasks in order of high priority to low priority.

how to increase productivity at working from home
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5. Take short scheduled stretching breaks

We’re all about discipline but you can’t (and shouldn’t) be sitting behind your desk all day. Decide on the frequency when you create a ‘stretching schedule’. Stretching and exercising for short bursts throughout the day will help you maintain good posture and blood circulation.

Depending on your work schedule you could set timers to stretch every 2hours or go for a walk or to the gym. Maintaining your physical health while working from home is an essential. Exercise boosts endorphins, which leads to an increased sense of happiness, stress relief and enjoyment which all contributes towards your productivity levels.

Working from home this year was not on the cards for employers and employees alike. Covid-19 gave us no other choice but to overcome these unique challenges. Besides skipping the morning commute and saving on gas, employees are embracing remote work as they feel less stress by connecting with their families daily.

It does take more than a high-speed internet connection to work from home, but a well thought out plan and every day discipline can make any remote work situation achievable.

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