Tips for choosing the best New Windows For Your Home

The windows of a home are one of the pieces of elements that withstand a lot of abuse. It stands firm in the face of wheezing winds, freezing snow, heavy rain and ice. In the last few years, the technology of making and installing windows has changed considerably. Still, over the years, the windows of your home will get battered and require replacing. While a draft or two does not necessitate a complete change, The Window Experts in Oakville think that you should change your window if it is damaged beyond the small repairs.

If you see the signs of water damage to the casing or the sash, you should think about replacing the whole deal right away. Always remember that a damaged window can cause bigger troubles for you if you don’t change it at the right time. Now and then tap the frame of your window with a flatbed screwdriver to check its health. This health check will tell you if there is any sign of decay in your window. Now, if you do think that your window is damaged beyond repair, then the next step for you is to buy a new window for your home. While doing that, you have to follow some basic steps to make sure that the window is functioning properly. Check out the below tips to make sure that you choose the best window for your home.

1. Choose The Materials

There are windows made of different materials available in the market. The wood frames are the most popular choice for remodeling as it can be brought to match the existing design of the window. The clad frame windows have an exterior made of aluminium or vinyl, while the inside is made of wood.

This is the material which is largely being used in the newer construction sites across Canada. According to The Window Experts in Oakville, the nailing flange that comes with the window helps it to get attached underneath the sliding materials.

The vinyl clad windows come in different colors and do not need as much maintenance as the wood ones. However, they do not look half as nice as the wood ones as well. The only perk is, these windows are cheaper and work as a great insulator.

2. Choose your Glass Wisely

Do you know that there are different types of window glasses available in the market? Most of the people do not know about this simple fact. That is what leads them to make the wrong decisions about the window glass. According to The Window Experts in Oakville, the customers should choose the window glass according to the location and use of the window.

Single pane glass is not that good an insulator. That’s why most modern-day homes do not use them any more. However, if you live in a place with a mild climate, this type of window can serve the purpose easily.

Double pane windows, on the other hand, have a layer of air between the two glass panes that reduce the heat loss. You can find them in different variations with better insulating abilities. Some windows contain argon gas in the layer between these two glass panes. This layer of argon gas provides extra insulation to the windows.

If you are living in an extremely cold climate, you should always choose a triple pane window. These are mixed with different layers of gasses, like argon or krypton. Just like the double pane windows, the gas provides an extra layer of insulation. However, they cost about 16% more than regular windows.

3. Watch for The Energy Efficient Types

While shopping for windows, always choose the ones that come with R-values. These ratings indicate the energy efficiency of the windows. The higher R valued windows are more energy-efficient than the lower valued ones. The single-pane window has the R-value of 1, while the double pane windows can have the R-value as high as 4. The triple-pane windows often have R values within 5-7 points range. Also, consider the U factor of your windows while choosing it. This factor will help you to understand the rate at which the window conducts the non-solar heat flow. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient your window is.

4. Window Style

The Window Experts in Oakville think that you should choose the designs of your window according to the style of your home as well as the existing windows. Here are some more popular options that you can check.

  • Casement windows: These windows come with hinges located on the side of the frame. That helps these windows open like the doors.
  • Double Hung Windows: These windows can slide up and down and offer a more traditional look to your home. Most of the modern double-hung windows have spring-mounted mechanism rather than the weight and pulley style.
  • Sliding Windows: These are less costly and low maintenance windows that you can choose for your home. However, these windows do not provide enough ventilation to your home as you can open them only half.

When it finally comes the time for making the decision, make sure to check the wall thickness before you place the order. You can call The Window Experts in Oakville, and they will check the wall thickness and other factors that will help you to buy the right one.

Kristina Bell

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