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Just because you live in Dubai doesn’t mean that you would want to spend all your time in air-conditioned spaces. The desert climate is actually ideal for spending time outdoors. The sun isn’t scorching under a shade, and the air is pretty dry, so it won’t feel oppressive. That’s why a patio is an asset for any Dubai home.

With proper care, gardens do thrive and flourish in desert environments. Of course, you have to be very conscientious about watering as well as smart about creating microclimates for the plants, but you can definitely have your own veritable oasis. Now, you just need patio furniture to more comfortably enjoy your immediate outdoors.

Choosing the Right Furniture Material

In picking any kind of furniture, you certainly must consider more than the aesthetic. Other factors that come into play are functionality and practicality. Are the pieces compatible with your lifestyle and home situation?

For sure, you have to consider the elements. Living in Dubai, you won’t need to concern yourself too much with moisture, so mold and mildew are probably at the bottom of your list of worries. You do need to pick furnishings that can withstand the blazing sun and heat, as well as regular dust.

With this premise laid out, which furniture materials are most durable in a desert climate? Check out the best patio furniture for desert climate:best patio furniture for desert climate

1. Wood

Wood doesn’t absorb heat, so this works very well in the desert. The most popular options are pine, cedar, eucalyptus, and teak. If you want something that will last a really long time, however, teak is your best bet. You can also easily wipe down the wood.

There are some caveats about wood, of course. In the desert, you can safely assume it’s imported and, thus, more expensive.

Wood is usually also much heavier than other furniture materials. Should you ever need to move, you’ll probably need to hire an experienced and trusted handyman. There are sure to be several moving companies offering this service listed in Dubai, but you should make sure that the people you hire to handle your heavy furniture are competent and careful.

When moving, it’s best to choose a company that also offers professional furniture assembly. Customers are best served by movers that also provide this service.

Make sure that the wood used for your furniture is treated with safe agents to make sure it is resistant to rot and insect damage.Best Outdoor Furniture

2. Metal

Metal is another good material for outdoor desert furniture because it is hardy and stands the climate well. Cleaning it requires simple wiping or even just training the hose on it.

The problem with metal is that it does absorb heat, so it’s best to set your furniture up under a shade. If your patio doesn’t have shelter over it, make sure that you test the temperature of your chair before sitting on it.

Depending on the metal, it could also be heavy. Wrought iron is durable, but it’s harder to move around. Cast aluminum is another good option. It is definitely lightweight, but it might not be hardy enough to withstand sandstorms.

Also, make sure you get metal furniture that is coated with a rust-proofing agent.

3. Plastic

This is typically more affordable and practical. You can even get plastic furniture that resembles wood, metal, or wicker. It is lightweight, but it is not the most robust of materials. It will likely fade or crack after a short time. Since it’s cheap, however, you might not feel too bad about it.Rattan Garden Furniture

4. Resin

This is a synthetic material that is UV-resistant, making it great for outdoor desert furniture. It is lightweight like plastic, but more durable and not likely to crack or fade. It doesn’t absorb heat either. Keep in mind to get high-density polyethylene to enjoy the hardiest option.

The resin may not have the tone of heavier natural materials such as iron and wood, but it still makes a pretty good investment.

The Right Furniture for You

You have several options when it comes to outdoor furniture materials to choose from. Make sure you pick something that ties in with your overall aesthetic and that meets your lifestyle needs well.

Spending time outdoors is beneficial, even absolutely essential to people. Having a place where you can do this right at home is definitely an advantage. Set up this special place with the right furniture and you’ll find yourself enjoying the outdoors more and more.

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