Best Kitchen Design That Boost Your Cooking Mood for The Next Decade

For some people, kitchen is only an additional room situated on the very back corner of the house, where we put our dirty dishes and cooking utensils. Perhaps at this stage, not many think of the essentials of designing a good kitchen. 

However, as time goes by, many began to think of the kitchen as an “exhibition room,” where foods and drinks are beautifully cooked. Desserts and bread are delightfully arranged. Designwise, kitchen is simply a place to gather around to celebrate the art of playing with ingredients. As for a designer who works with materials, the kitchen explores abundant ways of fulfilling a hungry tummy creatively. Therefore designing a nice and comfortable style and layout is very important.

Yes, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time being in the kitchen if it’s not well-designed. Suppose you’re watching a home cooking show and see how Martha Stewart passionately enjoying her cooking activity. In that case, it is because she made her kitchen to be as comfortable as if making it her all-time playground. Her style mostly comprises a modern color ambiance, a casual family-style, sleek design, space-saving, bright color wall interior with marble countertops. While the famous Gordon Ramsey prefers his kitchen to be more serious. Brushed in contemporary industrial style with a lot of metal furnishings and old timber frame. All the key is to meet the highest level of comfort when preparing food!

Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen design. Credits: Kitchen Cabinet Kings

So what is the best kitchen design for you to take inspired on? Here’s some of the trend you can consider useful for the next decade!

Minimalistic Compact Kitchen

minimalistic compact kitchen
Credits: Pinterest

Less is the king nowadays! Who doesn’t love a white and straightforward kitchen brushed in bright white tone, with fewer utensils scattered around the countertops, instead, neatly situated inside the drawer or cabinets? Kitchen does not have to be super big and houses a big rectangle table anymore! The more minimal it is, the cleaner and increases your mood for cooking, isn’t it? No further explanation is needed; you’ll love it the moment you saw it. 

Smart kitchen

Let’s move from the color and style to function. Perhaps, this will be our trend for the next couple of years, space-saver kitchen style! As we are heading towards automation, one includes providing a smart kitchen at home that can help you maintain a high quality of dishes and ensure less waste. A collection of smart kitchen equipment will increase your effectiveness and efficiency while cooking in comfort! Now let the plates get themselves clean inside the automate drawer, some forks and spoons aesthetically storage inside the cabinet or the trash automatically dispose of, so you don’t have to take some time to clean them while rushing for other business!

Connecting with Outdoor

Credits: Habitus Living

Covid-19 pandemic might cause us to consider more of designing space that allows us to connect with the outdoor. For the case of kitchen style, making one that closes to the garden, terrace, or backyard, where we can enjoy the natural air circulate through the open window, might bring endless health benefits to our mind, body, and soul. It is unavoidable that natural elements play a vital role in maintaining one’s health. 

Choose from the Best Kitchen Design Ideas

So which one is your favorite? You can either apply one of the designs or incorporate both! Such as creating a compact and minimalist smart kitchen surrounded by glazing walls that connect to the terrace in your house where greeneries make accompany your cooking activity! See more good design tips and stories

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