7 Tips For Decorating Your Home With Area Rugs

If you want to furnish your home or redecorate the space, you need to consider shipping for some area rugs.  Area rugs are a versatile element in your interior and within home decoration.  You can add charm to a room, change the personality and elements in it with a simple rug or an elaborate carpet. 

Doing this can also be as expensive or inexpensive as you want.  Area rugs come in a lot of different colors, designs, shapes, combinations, and themes.  However, if you are planning to use area rugs to decorate your home, you should look at some tips to do this as successfully as possible.

Think About The Elements That Can Fit In

If you have a small kitchen, you will want to find something that can open it up.  The best solution could be a bright carpet in a single color.  You can also look at a light-colored carpet that has a floral motif.  If you feel that your elegant living room is looking bland, you could consider a Persian carpet which can become the focal point.

Select A Rug That Fits into A Theme

There are a lot of people who have a theme to their rooms.  If you already have a theme in the room, you should look for an area rug that will match this instead of having a rug that you need to change the room for.  If you have Persian furniture, the best solution will be to get a Persian rug.  However, you could add a country style rug when you have bamboo or cane furniture.

Work On The Colors

One of the easiest ways to fix up a room will be to work on the colors.  You need to take a hard look at the existing colors and then choose a rug that compliments them.  You could also pick a rug that contrasts with the furniture in the room. 

A rug with a solid color is great if you have a room which is busy with a lot on display or a lot of furniture. Plus, cleaning area rugs that are dark is easier. If you have darker furniture, you should look at a rug which has a light pastel color as this will highlight the furniture.  Rugs that have bright colors will also unify elements in the room which have been scattered about.

Complement The Existing Elements

When it comes to picking your rug, you should use the existing elements in the line of vision to help.  If you have a display or item which is the focus of the room, you should place it on an eye-catching rug.  You could also place the rug in the line of vision.  If you cannot get a clear line of vision due to various elements, you need to get a rug that unifies the elements.

Experiment With The Textures

The monotony of a space can be broken by textures.  When you have a room full of soft textures, you should try adding a bamboo rug to the corner to break this.  If the items and furniture in your room all have clean geometry, a soft rug will be able to make your feet feel good and break the lines of the room.

Try Different Shapes

You should not only use squares and rectangles.  You should look at round rugs for grabbing attention.  Placing an oval under your dining table will break the lines that are in the room.

Patterns Can Really Help

Solid colors will make an impact, but carpets often come with busy patterns which are great for focus.  When you place a patterned rug under plain furniture, you will be able to attract the eye with greater ease.

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