6 Cleaning Tips For Hoarders

You love your things, but what about your life?

You may have many meaningful things, stuff you can’t let go of because it is worth everything to you, here are 6 cleaning tips for hoarders. You may have a lot of items in your home and it may be difficult to get around. While you cherish your items, think of the people who cherish you. Items can be replaced, but an actual person? That is out of the question, you are far more important than your items and your loved ones want to help you. If you are ready to change your living situation, read on for the cleaning tips to better your life.

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Start with the bathroom, then the kitchen.

You won’t be needing anything in the bathroom, it is the room that will take you the least amount of time to clean. First, you would need to dispose of all expired items and throw out any nasty looking towels. Just throw the trash away, it is a task no one wants to do but it has to get done for you to have a healthier environment. After all, the trash is picked up and you have a blank slate, grab your sanitation wipes and wipe down counters, the bathtub, the toilet, all of it. Work your way into the kitchen and throw out all expired food, drinks, and anything that looks like it may have mold on it depending on the situation. Throw away any dirty dishes that may have mold on them or have been sitting for an extreme amount of time. Clean all counters off and other surfaces. You should see a dramatic difference in the rooms, if not then make sure you move any items you have into an open area so you can go through them later.

Sort through your things.

You are going to want an area to sort out the things you need and don’t need. You will have to ask these questions to yourself.

  • Do I really need this, or do I want this?
  • Do I have enough space to keep this?
  • Does this truly mean something to me?
  • Do I have a use for this?

If you honestly answered no to three of these questions, then you need to part ways with the object. If it is not in total ruin, you can donate the item to your local donation store, or even gift it to someone who may find a place for it. If it is ruined, then you can’t hold on to the hope it can be fixed and you need to throw it away. It will be hard to do this for every single item and mentally draining, so you should have a support system with you while you sort out your things.

Cleaning the rooms

If you still have items piled up in rooms, you may want to put them aside and take out all furniture to deep clean the rooms. Grab yourself a pair of gloves, goggles, face mask, cleaners and if you are dealing with mold, make sure all of your skin is covered. After the room is cleared of furniture, pick up and throw away all trash. After that is done, start cleaning the walls with a mixture of warm water and a mild soap detergent. Work your way down, grab a mop, or if you have a Swiffer use that to clean the floor. It may look extremely dirty, but do not be discouraged. You are doing something to improve your life. You are doing great.

Open up all exits and windows.

If something were to happen in the house, you are going to need an escape route. Find the easiest access point in the home and clear a large enough space to get out. You do not want to be trapped in a fire, or if somehow the home collapses. You are more valuable than your things. When dealing with cleaners and potent disinfectants, it’s best to open up windows so you will not suffocate and breathe them in.

Discard all trash into a dumpster, or have an area for trash bags.

You are going to need another area to dispose of your trash. Usually, this means outside of the home so it is out of the way. However, if you do not want anyone to know what you are doing then put the trash bags and trash in a disclosed location. However, do note this room should not be completely cleaned, or else you will have to disinfect all over again and that is a lot of work. Plan carefully on where you put your trash. You can also rent a dumpster and throw all your trash, you can even dispose of your furniture that needs to be discarded in here as well.

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Start repairs on the home.

After you put all your hard work into the house to clean it, reward yourself by picking out new colors to paint the walls, go pick out new furniture you need to replace if needed, and just give yourself a pat on the back. If any walls were damaged or there is an extreme case of mold, you may need to call professionals to come and help you. If not, then start making your house your home again. Make your house even better than it was before, it will improve your mental health and give you happier thoughts to see it completely transformed, rather than remembering what was on the walls before.

Welcome home.

You did it, you made the house a home again. This was a stressful journey and you deserve to live stress-free from now on. Next time you go to the store, really ask yourself if you need this item or do you want it. A need and a want have two separate meanings, don’t get them confused. Now if you have space there is nothing wrong at all with buying an item, you can decorate your home however you please. Don’t buy food if you won’t eat it, don’t stock up on cans if you know you will not eat them anytime soon. Throw out anything that becomes expired or is all gone. That was 6 cleaning tips for hoarders, you are no.

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