Virtually Touring Home Buyers

Touring a home before deciding to buy it is always exciting and nerve-racking for the potential buyer. They get face to face with the house they fell in love with over the net and now, they are anticipating to see whether the real-life condition of the house will fulfill their expectations.

However, in times of COVID-19, people are hesitant to tour a home in real life. They choose the safer alternative – the 3D virtual tours of homes or looking at virtually staged photos of the home.

For that purpose, the virtual tour should be made very convincing and representing all the potential the house has. This can be done with careful selection of virtual staging furniture pieces and commentary by the owner that will include the description of the current situation versus the representation they are seeing at the moment.

If you are thinking that virtual tours are not that efficient because they don’t show the real state f the rooms, you would be wrong for several reasons. First, the emptiness of the home can’t awaken the imagination of the potential buyers, meaning, they won’t be able to see the potential this home has. Second, with the virtually staged photos, the potential buyer will get ideas on how they could furnish and decorate the place. Finally, the potential buyers can get a better insight into the size of the rooms when they are virtually furnished and they will be able to plan how many furniture pieces they can add to the rooms.

All things considered, virtual staging makes the searchers for a new home aware of the home opportunities they have, and while they are virtually touring there are 5 things they will carefully notice. Here they are.

1. Floor Plan and Room Sizes

The first thing the potential buyers are interested in is to understand the floor plan and the room sizes and decide whether they are appropriate for them. No one could imagine living in a house if they feel the house is too small and crowded and if the arrangement of the rooms doesn’t fulfill their expectations.

2. Roofs and Gutters

When the roof comes close to the end of its natural life, it will become a serious problem for the owner. That is why people are especially interested in the roof’s age and condition. It must meet certain standards in order for the house to be eligible for a mortgage.

3. Natural Lighting

Another important factor in whether a home will be an attractive option to buy is how much natural lighting enters the rooms. During the virtual tour, the potential buyers will look to see how big the windows are and their positioning. Even though the rooms can be equipped with extra artificial lightning, nothing beats the warm, natural sunlight in the rooms.

4. Garden size

Not only the size of the rooms matter – but the size of the garden is also very important for potential buyers. The garden is a place to relax and unwind in arm, breezy nights, and a connection to nature. Having a garden especially if the house is located in a city or town increases the value of the house immediately.

5. The buyer’s / real estate agent’s behavior

Something that is not related to the house that is selling, but equally important for the potential buyer is the way the seller is behaving while presenting the home. Are they being pushy, honest, or informative  – everything in their way of presentation is noticed by the potential buyers.

Some Final Words

According to some of the best real estate experts, a virtual home tour is incomplete if you are not using real estate drone photography Melbourne. If you go over the points, you will see that everything from the roof to the gardens requires an aerial shot to make the buyers understand the exact condition, size, and scale of things. Unless you are using a drone for photography and videography, you will not be able to convey adequate information and facts regarding the home.

Potential buyers know instantly whether they like a home or not. Statistics say that half of those looking to buy a new home fell convinced to check out the home only after viewing a photo or two of it online. Everything else that later affects their buying process can be a string of coincidental happenings, including the 5 most important things they will notice while touring the house.

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