Decorative Landscaping Stones

The well designed and planned landscaping can enhance your home beauty and provide your natural place for outdoor living. The home landscape is built with a variety of things such as grass, flowers, stones, tree, pivots, and outdoor furniture. But today we will talk about the decorative landscaping stones which play the main role.

You can use various kinds of stones in your outdoor space with texture and variety designing your landscape.  Decorative landscape stone can use for your garden pathways, walkways, patio surfaces, garden accents, stepping stones, water features, garden steps, entry porches, planter walls, gazebos, swimming pool decks, and even as decorative accents.

Different Types of Decorative Landscaping Stones

1. Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is the rock of granitic origin. it is formed from the natural weathering and erosion of solid granite but finer and generally more stable. It’s versatile, attractive, inexpensive, easy to maintain, and provides excellent drainage.

2. Aggregates

It is the medium-grained particulate stone used in construction, including gravel, sand, slag, crushed stone, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates that are less than 9.55mm in diameter.

3. Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is a small size rounded rock –  1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch. Pea gravel is used for pathways, pavers, patio areas, and filling in between flat rock.

4. River Stone

This type of landscape stone is found in a river bed. It is the small pieces of rounded stone in various colors, texture, and shapes. River stone is highly durable, resistance to soil erosion and play a great role in controlling weeds

5. Crushed Granite

Crushed Granite is also known as Decomposed granite. It is a solid, finer and more stable stone and used as a pavement building material, garden walkways, bocce courts, driveways, park walkways, and heavy-use paths.

6. Lava Rock

As the name suggested, this stone comes from volcanic rocks. This is a form of gasses in magma that begin to solidify and harden into rock. Lava rock is used for aquarium and landscaping.

7. Flagstone

Flagstone is a natural flat stone. Its cutíng is done in regular rectangular and square shape. Mostly flagstone is used for paving slabs, patios, fences, walkways, flooring, roofing and footsteps.

8. Limestone

Limestone is a calcium carbonate-rich chemical sedimentary rock stone that is used for building material, aggregate for the base of roads, and all your landscaping rock needs.

9. Sandstone

Sandstone is consolidated sand, sized 0.0625 to 2 mm. It is a very well-known and widespread sedimentary rock. It has been widely used around the world in constructing, landscaping paving, and other buildings.

10. Boulder

Boulders are simply large and heavy pieces of stone. It is generally round, smooth shapes with many colors – blue, coral, gray, pink, black, red, and peppered. It is a decorative stone for the outdoor area especially to use them to decorate around a pool, create steps or pathways in your garden.

So choose decorative landscape stone according to your requirement and interest.

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