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When the summer months roll into Denver, it can get as high as the upper 80’s and 90’s! This is not the time you want your air conditioner to stop functioning, but sometimes it does happen. The death of an air conditioning unit can be a slow death, but how do you know when to call an air conditioner repair company? Usually, before your A/C unit goes out, it will give you a few warning signs that you can watch for, so you won’t be stuck in a sweltering hot house in the summer.

Here’re the 5 signs when you should call an air conditioner service immediately:

1. Sour smelling air

If there is a spoiled smell in your home or office but it does not seem to be coming from the fridge, press your nose closer to your air conditioning unit and you will see it is most likely the culprit.

This is a sign that mold has formed on the inside of your A/C unit, and it will cause it to make the air smell like sour milk. If you smell this, turn your air conditioning unit off immediately. This is a very important sign to call a professional to take care of this problem. Not only can blowing mold into your home possibly cause health problems, but it is also a sign that your air conditioner needs to be serviced.

2. No sign of cold air

One obvious sign you need to call an air conditioning repair company is if your unit is no longer blowing cold air. One way to understand that this is a problem is if you turn your unit on to the lowest setting possible, but still feel hot or warm air.

This might be the cause of low refrigerant or even a problem with your compressor. Another option is that a duct might have broken which will allow air to blow in the wrong area of the house. No matter the reason, if your AC unit is no longer blowing cold air, call a professional.

3. Unit is making odd noises

All air conditioners make different noises but, generally, your air conditioner should be making a low humming or white noise sound. One good way to base this is if your air conditioner begins to make noises that are different than what you are used to. If you hear noises such as grinding, squealing or anything that seems different than normal, turn off your air conditioner and call a professional.

4. Your energy bill is much higher than it should be

Although your energy bill might be higher in the summer, it should not be dramatically different than the last year’s bill. If your bill seems extremely high, it might not be due to increased usage, but rather a broken air conditioning unit. You might have a dirty filter, a duct leak, lack of refrigerant or a need for maintenance.

5. You have a higher level of humidity than normal

Humidity generally happens outside your home rather than inside of it, and Denver is not known for being especially humid in the summers. Having a well-working air conditioning unit should not only keep your home cool but should also reduce the humidity in the air. If you find there is a high level of humidity that is different than normal, you will want to have a professional assess the situation.

If you find any of these issues in your home, you should reach out immediately to a professional as you could potentially risk yourself by waiting. Contact a reputable company such as Go Green Heating & Air, a Denver air conditioner repair company, for an estimate.

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