5 Reasons: Why Bespoke Furniture is Best?

With so many furniture options available, it’s easy to create a beautiful interior using off-the-shelf furniture. So, why go bespoke?

Bespoke furniture is handcrafted to meet individual design specifications, showing uncompromising attention to detail, meeting the client’s specific furniture requirements and purpose. The result is a high-end, unique product that has the WOW factor and cannot be reproduced in a standard manufacturing process.

The furniture experts at Barbara Genda Furniture – a contemporary bespoke furniture design studio in London – share why you should consider investing in bespoke.

For the Personal Touch

Unlike off-the-shelf furniture, bespoke furniture comes with endless design and styling options. Whether you want to add contrast to your furniture or ensure a coherent look all-round, any look is achievable with bespoke.

For the Versatility

Bespoke furniture is built to purpose and is therefore incredibly flexible. Unlike off-the-shelf furniture, you can utilise the space you have to great effect, which is particularly useful when it comes to awkward spaces such as alcoves or loft spaces with slanting roofs.

For the Lifestyle

Bespoke furniture gives you more scobe to be flexible with your design, allowing you to incorporate factors to cater to and improve your lifestyle. For example, a bespoke office desk may include enough storage for your work and a place for each piece of office equipment to sit conveniently in reach while being out of works way.

For the Longevity

Bespoke furniture is made with the finest materials, fixtures and craftsmanship, it can last a lifetime. Although there are many off-the-shelf choices found on the high-street, bespoke furniture is becoming more accessible, as a result, increasingly more homeowners are choosing to make the long-term investment.

For the Added Value

Bespoke furniture can add value to your property as it increases the desirability of your home. With many new properties being built without sufficient storage, your home would standout on the property market. Storage solutions, bespoke wardrobes, media units and other custom features make your property stand out to potential buyers.

Kristina Bell

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