5 DIY Security Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Want to safe proof your household against the threat of break-ins or burglary, but can’t afford a state-of-the-art surveillance system? Just implement these easy, effective and inexpensive solutions for home security on a budget. Ultimately, your family, possessions and peace of mind will be protected, while trespassers will be deterred.

Hide Your Valuables Inside a Book

Wipe the dust off those well-worn novels in your bookcase and repurpose them into secret safe deposits. Using a box-cutter, slice a square hole through the pages and stash jewelry, cash, passports, sensitive documents and other costly items inside. Then, simply close the cover and return the narrative back to its shelf. Thieves are unlikely to flip through your family’s reading material, which makes this an inconspicuous hiding spot.

Use Landscape to Your Advantage

Increase outdoor curb appeal, while making it difficult for would-be invaders to gain entry through your windows. Prickly, thorny or dense foliage positioned under ground floor windows, or box-planters placed on second story windowsills, will double as obstacles that keep burglars at bay. Just remember to prune these hedges regularly, so they won’t inhibit your view of the kids playing outside or unfamiliar cars driving down the street.

Turn Light Fixtures into Cameras

If your home’s facade comes equipped with garden lamps, this decor is ideal for concealing tracker devices. In order to convert outdoor lighting into security equipment, you’ll need screws, electrical tape, network cables and a small wireless IP camera. Start by disassembling the lamp, then follow these directions for installation. Although this project requires some financial investment, many cameras retail for less than $50.

Enclose Your Property’s Perimeter

By surrounding your house and yard with a fence or gate, you can better control who is allowed access. Choose a wrought-iron or wooden post design, as this type of framework will impede an unwelcome visitor’s ability to climb. If you select the wooden variety, place a panel over its cross-member, so any potential footholds are hidden. Most crooks will likely conclude that a home sheltered behind fencing is not worth the extra effort to invade.

Fortify Your Door Frame & Jam

Prevent intruders from kicking down the front door with help from a reinforcement kit, which costs around $80. This tool set consists of a steel plate, door edge guard and hinge bolts to resist applied force or beared weight, while eliminating the risk of a split frame. In addition, it includes assembly instructions, so you won’t have to figure out the logistics single-handedly. Worth the price tag, this product can hinder even relentless perpetrators. If you don’t want to spend hard-earned cash on a reinforcement kit, there are other DIY steps you can take to burglar-proof your front door.

Optimizing your household’s safety doesn’t always require the latest technology or stringent protocol. With some ingenuity, resourcefulness and moderate expenditures, you can still take necessary precautions, while keeping that budget intact. Have you tried any home security hacks that aren’t on this list? Share your own strategies in the comment section.

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