Remove your old popcorn ceiling and get it replaced with a modern and attractive ceiling, repair the damage caused to your ceiling by water or go for crown moulding installations with the help of professional workmen. The ceiling specialists maintain the best standards of work and are well qualified to provide the highest standards of customer satisfaction. Let us go through each of the services in a detailed manner.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceiling makes the house look dirty and dark. Removing popcorn ceiling is recommended to enhance the aesthetic quality of the house and increase its sale value. Popcorn ceiling is also detrimental to the health of the denizens of the house because of its propensity to trap allergens which can be inhaled by the humans. Popcorn ceiling also provides a perfect habitat for spiders and dust-mites. Moreover, popcorn ceiling also reduces the height of the ceiling.

The ceiling specialists always employ advanced equipments and the latest techniques for popcorn ceiling removal. This is an extremely cumbersome task which requires specialized skills and expertise. The process basically involves soaking the ceiling with water to help in removing it followed by scraping the ceiling in order to remove it. Primer and paint are used after the removal of the ceiling. There are various methods for popcorn ceiling removal which are customized by the ceiling specialists according to the client’s requirement. The job of smoothing the ceiling is carried out without causing excess dust to float in the air and the expert finishing methods employed by the workmen ensure that a beautiful ceiling is created in no time. The whole process creates a lot of mess which is why the floor and furniture are covered with a plastic sheet.

What are the benefits?

  • There are many benefits associated with the removal of popcorn ceilings such as
  • A modern look is imparted to the house
  • A clean and professional look of the ceiling
  • Ceiling is saved from cracking
  • Painting the ceiling is made much easier
  • The ceiling is saved from stains
  • Spider webs and dust are eliminated
  • Easy removal of asbestos


The cost of removing simple popcorn ceilings ranges between $0.80 and $3.00 per square feet. The cost is determined by the type of ceiling, contractor’s fee and the location.

The cost of removing asbestos containing popcorn ceilings ranges between $4 and $8. The charges are more in this case because removing asbestos containing popcorn is much tougher than removing the conventional ones.
2 year warranty is offered on the works.

Ceiling water damage repair

Water leakage can cause extensive damage to the ceiling such as growth of mildew and mould along with appearance of stains. The course of action in such cases is to plug the source of leakage followed by repairing the ceiling surface immediately.

The ceiling specialists first of all repair the source of water leakage. The causes of water damage can be many such as storm and flooding, overflowing sinks, toilets and bathtubs, leaking appliances and sewage backups. Thereafter, both the upper and lower surfaces of the ceiling are dried. Drying is done with the help of fans, towels and vacuum cleaners while protecting the house furniture and floor by covering them with a tarpaulin. It is imperative that the damaged areas are freed of moisture before undertaking repair works. The wet sections which persist in retaining water even after drying may need to be removed altogether. Loose and bulging parts of the ceiling are removed using a putty knife or paint scraper.

Prior to undertaking repair works on the ceiling, sandpaper is used to make the ridges between the damaged and the clean sections of the ceiling smooth. Although, the small holes in the ceiling can be covered by using a joint compound, the large holes require plaster or drywall for covering them. The workmen also ensure that no bumps are left on the ceiling by using sandpaper to smoothen any residual ones.

Repairing a water damaged ceiling is undertaken by professional workmen with the help of special equipments. The task of properly repairing the ceiling requires skill and technical knowledge which are possessed only by the professionals. The task is complex and cannot be left at the hands of amateurs.

Finally, the ceiling is completely coated with one or two layers of primer. The primer must dry completely before painting. Painting the ceiling without applying primer is never attempted in order to prevent any kind of aberration to reveal beneath the paint.

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Crown moulding installation

The ceiling specialists in are also adept in crown moulding installations. Crown moulding is installed at the place where the wall and the ceiling meet. It is widely used for restoration of homes and providing support to the building. The ceiling specialists install crown moulds exactly in accordance with the measurements of the ceiling and also provide sound advice regarding the type of mould suited for a particular house.

Why crown moulding?

Crown moulding is an architectural feature that imparts an upscale look to the house. It basically converts an ordinary looking house into a lavish and modern structure. Crown moulding can be installed in any room of the house to enhance its visual appeal. The fine architectural details of crown moulding also increase the sale value of the house.

Crown moulds are available in various materials. Features of some of them have been mentioned here.

Plaster- Crown moulds made of plaster are appropriate for grand and lavish interiors especially with plaster walls. It does not shrink or warp. The drawback is that they are costly and can crack easily.

Solid Wood- Solid wood crown moulds are suitable for most installations. The color and grain patterns of the wood impart a feeling of warmth to the room. The negative point is that they tend to swell and shrink with changes in weather.

MDF- MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard crown moulding is made from sawdust and resins is a low cost alternative to solid wood.

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