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The roof is arguably one of the most important things on your house and if it is not installed properly or has some sort of damage, chances are very high that your house would face more structural problems sooner or later. Whenever a problem occurs regarding your roof, the best idea is to fix it without any delay. If it is a small fix, you can try to do it yourself if you have prior knowledge of it. If the problem is big, it is best to get a professional’s help. When your old roof is too old and needs some changes, people often face a dilemma whether or not they should tear off their entire old roof or get a 2nd layer of shingles on top.

This is a very important decision that you cannot take alone. Even if you are confident that the 2nd layer of shingles you want to install would be of high quality, the current condition of your old roof is an important issue to consider. This only a professional roofing contractor can inspect and tell whether it would be wise to keep the old roof or tear it off completely. Because if you have emotional attachments to your old roof, you need to still get confirmed by professional’s if the old roof could last for a long time with the 2nd layer of shingles. A roofing job usually lasts for 20 years or more. If your old roof is not good enough to survive another 20 years, the best things to do would be get rid of it and tear it off completely. Call up roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan and let them inspect the condition of your old roof. They would be able to come to a proper decision whether it would be wise to tear it off or the 2nd layer of shingles should be added!


The upside is you can add a 2nd layer of shingles that are not too high end on top of your existing roof, which means the roof is stronger than before. It will prevent leaks more effectively. It will not cost as much as it would if you get a new roof completely. To tear off the old roof, there are extra charges too. Anyone would be interested in saving up some money if they can when it comes to construction.


Adding a 2nd layer of shingles may seem like a good idea, but it may not work if your old roof’s condition is not good. In that case, you would have to tear off both of your 1st and 2nd layers in order to make it strong and reliable. So you lose more money than you opt for reroofing. Sometimes people get lucky with the 2nd layer of shingles, but you cannot go with luck for such a big project. Many roofing contractors are not even confident about adding the 2nd layer

Now you need to decide which would be best for you to choose from.


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