10 Top Home Improvements That Will Help Sell Your Home

There’s no getting around the fact that some home improvements are going to be big jobs, particularly if the goal behind the improvements is to increase the value of your home with a view to potentially selling. Sometimes, though, you’ve just got to what you’ve got to do and if you want your house to sell there are some things that should never be overlooked.

Here are some of the things that you will be wise to look into:

●    Identify structural issues and resolve them. Issues such as;

  • a leaking or sagging roof
  • rising damp
  • structural cracks to walls
  • bowing walls
  • rotten joists or roof timbers
  • insect infestation
  • Broken or missing roof tiles
  • an unstable chimney stack

Find a tradesman to help you with these issues

●    Add or update your current heating system.

This will add more value to your property than it will cost. To hire a plumber to add central heating to the average three bedroom Victorian or Edwardian house would be somewhere around £3,000 – £4,000.
Updating your heating system should always be done in conjunction with improving the general energy efficiency of the house:

  • seal drafts – around doors and windows (but not air bricks)
  • replace windows – that isn’t repairable with double glazing
  • Insulate your attic – If your existing boiler is in working order and has enough heat output for the house, always try to use it, except boilers that draw their air intake from inside the house.

If the boiler has enough capacity, add new radiators and a heated towel rail, or even underfloor heating.

●    Attic conversion

The average attic conversion will cost about half as much as an extension. It’ll be a good investment as long as it creates an additional room without taking anything away from the existing living space.

An attic conversion doesn’t need planning permission because it uses the existing space but if you’re considering a dormer window you might need planning permission if it faces a motorway. Check with the planners.

●    Cosmetic faults

Small defects won’t affect the value of your property but they will prevent it from selling at the best price. Some faults that could put buyers off but that can be fixed simply by any keen DIYist are:

  • peeling paint
  • squeaking or sticking doors/windows
  • Broken door latches
  • Mould in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dripping taps
  • loose tiles
  • sewer smells
  • broken/damaged windows
  • squeaky floors and stairs
  • cracks in ceilings and plasterwork

●    Repair or replace windows

New double-glazed uPVC windows can add a lot of value to a property and are essential even in the lower end of the market, whatever they look like. UPVC windows need little maintenance, are energy efficient and can be very secure.

●    Kitchen makeover

A nice, clean-looking kitchen is a must for potential buyers. Sometimes an existing kitchen can be given a new lease of life for a small amount of money.

●    Bathroom makeover

Bathrooms need to be fresh and clean looking, with enough light and fresh paint on the walls in a neutral shade. If there isn’t enough light, consider replacing a single pendant with a triple halogen spotlight unit, which can be bought for as little as £10.

The bathroom is the ideal place to add a touch of luxury and wow factor.

  • At least one bathroom should have a shower.
  • If your existing bathroom suite is damaged or outdated replace it.
  • Ensure it’s clean and hygienic.
  • Update unfashionable tiles with white tile paint.
  • Have a working extractor fan.
  • Adding a mirror will make space seem larger and brighter
  • Consider adding a heated towel rail

●    Tidy your garden

A well-cared-for garden will help make your home more sellable.

●    Add storage space

Storage is a real selling point and lack of it can put buyers off and, believe it or not, lower your property’s value. Make use of all spare space – build shelves or fit doors to create cupboards.

●    Shower room

Adding a bathroom is a good investment, especially if it creates an ensuite to the master bedroom. Extra bathrooms can be added by remodeling existing space, or by extending. If you’re converting the attic, try to include at least a WC, if not a full bathroom.

Home improvements can be expensive so if you can save money all the better. Make use of scrap yards, salvage yards or anywhere else you can get the necessary bits and pieces for cheaper.

Just follow these helpful tips and you’re on to a winner. Happy Selling!!

John Lang

John Lang is a Certified Arborist, a Certified Treecare Safety Professional, and also a member of the Friendly Tree team[1], a family-owned New Jersey tree care service, dedicated to the thoughtful and careful maintenance of your trees and shrubs. Friendly Tree Service has been in business for 26 years and remains passionate about trees and nature. With a highly trained staff that treats every property as their own and state of the art equipment, Friendly Tree is on the cutting edge of the art and science of Arboriculture.

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