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It’s a constant trade-off: how much of your limited and valuable time are you willing to pour into maintaining that clean, well-kept home you desire? Having the right vacuum as your assistant can make a world of difference when it comes to getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Like any home appliance, a vacuum is an investment, so it’s important to make sure you’ve done your research before making a purchase.

But research is one more chore you don’t need in your busy life. We’ve taken it off your plate by investigating the best vacuums on the market to help you make your selection.

Upright Vacuums

In the category of upright vacuums, there’s plenty to explore. After all, upright vacuums were the first style to be invented, so the companies that design and produce them have had a long time to refine their technique. Therefore, we want to call attention to a few different models that are doing exceptional things.

Versatile Vacuums

Experts agree that the Shark Duo-Clean Lift-Away line of upright vacuums offers versatility like no other. The Duo-Clean technology refers to the unique way Shark uprights are designed to be used on both carpet and hardwood or tile floor. The swivel head makes the Shark line easy to navigate around corners and in small spaces. And if you’ve ever suffered from your vacuum bristles clogging due to hair wrap, you can kiss that worry goodbye. Shark vacuums include a system to remove wrapped hair, saving you the effort.

Best Value

Everyone deserves a clean home, and money shouldn’t be an object. Those on a budget may prefer the Bissell Cleanview. This lightweight unit features OnePass Technology, allowing you to pick up more dirt in a single pass and, consequently, save not only money but time.

Most PowerfulPet Hair Vacuum

When it comes to selecting a vacuum, the deciding factor for many is pure power. This may be especially true if you have small children or pets and thus your house requires a heavy hand when it comes to the vacuum! If so, Hoover’s Platinum Collection Linx may be the choice for you. What it lacks in fancy attachments it makes up for in its ability to just plain pick things up.

Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum typically consists of a rolling canister connected by a length of hose to a head used to do the actual vacuuming action. Canister vacuums are usually chosen for the ease of moving them around the house—they’re less heavy than their upright counterparts—and for the fact that different heads can be attached to the hose to best suit different jobs. So which canister vacuum is the best?

Our vote is for the Floating Vacuum by ZeroG. Its superior agitation and airflow allow it to pick up dirt and debris efficiently, whether on carpet or bare floor. Meanwhile, while the canister section of many canister style vacuums is prone to snagging on corners and furniture legs while the user manipulates the hose, forcing you to go back and retrieve it, the Floating Vacuum’s canister actually glides behind you on a quiet cushion of air, hovering rather than rolling, and thus ensuring it doesn’t get stuck.

Robot Vacuum

The trend of robotic vacuums is still in full swing, to no surprise! What could be more ideal than a handy little housekeeper to take care of your vacuuming for you? But even more than with an upright model, you want to make sure you’re getting the right model here. A robot vacuum is only worth its salt if it operates correctly left to its own devices.

While there are many great options, Roomba is still leading the pack, now with the iRobot 980. It’s compatible with wifi and Alexa, can be operated from your smartphone, contains 120 minutes of battery life, and works on all floor types.

The vacuum you’ve been looking for is out there—make today the day!

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